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Relayware Partner Relationship Management

5 Ways to Encourage Channel Partners to Share Your Brand's Content

1. Offer them exclusive first-look content that they want to see.

This may be a preview of an upcoming ad series you are planning on running. This could be a preview of next year’s product roadmap. Another option is a preview of what speakers will say at your upcoming conference.

2. Let your partners vote on or pick their reward.

You may offer one experience-type of reward and one physical prize alongside a gift card. For example, a limo that picks them up at their hotel and drops them off at your conference or a fresh, cool new messenger bag with your logo on it or a $30 Starbucks gift card, as 3 options for a low-level achievement.

3. Prove to partners that their opinions count.

Poll your partners, make it live so partners can see where the vote is swinging, and then enact the majority vote. For example, ask your partners if they would rather have t-shirts or water bottles at your upcoming conference. Ask your partners if they would rather have the next webinar training cover deal registration or go over certification requirements.

4. Appeal to their benevolence.

For example, proposes to give $1 to a particular cause for every share or reTweet. Encourage partners to bring old books to your upcoming conference and donate the books to a charity.

5. Create entertaining and shareable content.

This could be infographics or just one image with an inspirational saying on it with your logo on the side. Make your partners have a better day than they otherwise would without you.