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Are You Adding Value to Your Channel Partner Program?

Make sure your plans for 2017 really do add value for your channel partners.

Relayware Partner Relationship Management

Are You Adding Value to Your Channel Partner Program?

Posted on February 7, 2017

Here we are in the new year, and many have made our annual program plans. But, there’s another valuable layer to your plans – Does it add value? Does each piece of what you have planned for your partner program provide value to your channel partners? Be careful of creating hurdles for your partners, because of perceived value on your end.

As you’re assessing each aspect of your partner program from a piece of communication to a process change in your program, ask, “Does this provide value to my partners?” Answer it both from your point of view as the vendor as well as what you believe your partners would say – remembering that they don’t have your over-arching, larger perspective.

In your partner communicating spell out the specific outcomes and objectives, when communicating with your partners. Start out with that statement of the value-add, such as:

  • This is designed to educate on ___________ and can be confirmed when __________.
  • This will track ______ as opportunities move from _________ to _________.

By being very clear in your communications about your objectives, you deepen the relationship.

With a strong PRM solution you can gauge whether your partners are interacting with your content and meetings your goals.