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Ask the Expert: Alistair Barclay

The satisfaction of being able to help our customers complete a task is what keeps me interested.

Relayware Partner Relationship Management

Ask the Expert: Alistair Barclay, Relayware Customer Services Manager

On Serving Customers

Question: How long have you been with Relayware?

Barclay: I’ve been at Relayware since January 2008 -- a little under 8 years. After several years in engineering-based roles and solution selling, this was my first job within a software company.

Question: What positions have you held at Relayware?

Barclay: I originally joined as an account manager, and then moved into a project management role where was responsible for a number of Relayware implementations, including rolling out Lexmark’s North American implementation and the first-ever project using Relayware’s Salesforce Connector.

In 2012, I moved to the customer service team and took up the position of customer services manager when I relocated to our California location in 2013.

Question: What’s your average day like?

Barclay: My day starts early, so I can converse with our U.K. team about any issues that have arisen overnight and follow up on the resolution status of open items for my U.S.-based customers. I have several recurring calls with my customers, which allows us to discuss open issues and priorities new items.

I receive emails and phone calls from customers throughout the day either reporting issues or asking for assistance on how something should work, or the most appropriate method to achieve their end goal. After 8 years with Relayware my customers benefit from both my depth of knowledge of the Relayware applications and my experience of the best practice methods within the channel ecosphere. And I’m always happy to help them.

Question: What do you like most about your work with Relayware customers?

Barclay: Coming from an engineering background, I enjoy solving problems. As a company, Relayware is always pushing the boundaries for new features and functionality to allow customers to leverage their sales channel.

When customers ask me how they can achieve a particular goal and implement a particular task using Relayware, I apply my knowledge and thought processes. The satisfaction of being able to help someone complete a task is what keeps me interested.