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Ask the Expert: Tara Pagan, Relayware Training Specialist

Every day, when I am training our customers, I am working with top-level, smart people.

Relayware Partner Relationship Management

Ask the Expert: Tara Pagan, Relayware Training Specialist

On Training

Question: What’s your background in training?

Pagan: My background originated in implementation. Then, nearly 5 years ago, I started training customers and realized that I have a huge passion for customer education. I have worked with adult learners with a huge range of technical knowledge in groups of 2 people to more than 200 at one time. I’ve conducted both webinars and onsite training sessions in many different environments from all over the U.S., Mexico and the Caribbean.

My experience working for startups has allowed me to analyze gaps in training processes and make recommendations based on my assessments. Prior to Relayware, I launched a training program that standardized the delivery of material to customers plus providing them with supplemental resources. I am currently working on those initiatives here at Relayware, so customers will see a number of great changes in the coming months.

Question: What is it about training customers that you enjoy?

Pagan: Relayware customers want to make a difference and are so committed. As a front-line, critical resource for our customers, I am committed to their success.

What makes the job really interesting is the incredible variety. Even if I am training on the same topics, not everyone I’m working with has the same degree of technical knowledge, so my job is incredibly varied every day with each conversation.

Every day, when I am training our customers, I am working with top-level, smart people. I am forging meaningful relationships that foster long-term growth. It’s a personal enjoyment to see people succeed and equip them with the tools to be self-sufficient.

Question: What are some training best practices?

Pagan: There is no one direct path to training that is “correct.” Everyone learns differently. Some people are visual leaners. Some do best with on-demand training. Some need to digest via reading materials. I bring a very adaptive approach to my job as Relayware’s lead trainer. An important best practice is to understand a customer’s preferences and provide the resources that will enable them to succeed.

Also, because Relayware offers a cloud, software solution, it’s too easy to get stuck in a web of technical language and acronyms. I stick to everyday English, so we make something very complex easier to understand for everyone, regardless of prior experience.

Question: As someone who believes in the importance of training, how have you been training over the years to get better at your job as well as learn the ins and outs of Relayware?

Pagan: From the beginning of my career as a trainer, customer feedback has always been essential and never-ending. I pay attention to the needs of customers as well as industry new practices that are developed.

We have so many smart people here at Relayware, and from the beginning, they have been very kind and generous in helping me fully and deeply understand Relayware’s product offerings.

Also, Relayware has a subscription to Lynda.com, and I have taken advantage of a number of those courses. I’ll never stop learning.

Question: What is the Relayware training process?

Pagan: When a new customer comes on board, I reach out, introduce myself and our training program. All Relayware training starts with the basics and then subsequent sessions are based on what Partner Packs they purchased.

Relayware Training

The Relayware product isn’t something anyone is going to learn overnight. Because it’s such a dense product, it takes time, and we work customers continuously to ensure their success.

Question: What’s in store for Relayware training?

Pagan: We have a number of exciting training developments. We are currently working on adding to our documentation catalog, so there’s even more for customers. We’re adding how-to guides, and by the end of the year we’ll have a Relayware demo practice environment for users to do live exercises. All of these will further contribute to our customers’ development and growth.