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Relayware Partner Relationship Management

Breaking Down the Barriers between Direct and Channel Sales

There are benefits to both direct and indirect sales, and many companies use a combination of both. However, when using both types, the two groups have an “us vs. them” mentality and slow your sales. This is actually what Citrix said happened to them recently, and they are working to rectify the situation.

To effectively run the two avenues (direct and indirect sales) to your customers, you must break down silos. Nonetheless, it’s also essential to have the right systems in place to run each one, and they are different systems. CRM + PRM (partner relationship management). Key is integration between these systems.

Automate the delivery of valuable sales information between CRM and PRM to simplify and accelerate sales for you and your partners. Do the same for the flow of information that goes through your partner portal, including deal registration, communications and business planning. Too often systems are not set up to measure in real time. The lag, as well as the headache and hassle, put a wedge between your direct sales and channel sales.

Have roles and permissions in your systems so that the right data is shared with the right person. These guardrails also ensure that direct sales and channel sales are working seamlessly together with the same data, and that data is accurate in real time.

Also, have all the sales data at your fingertips with dashboards and reports that bring together the information you need to know how your sales are doing. Who is excelling in what region? Who is selling what type of product best? This kind of information helps your direct and indirect channel partners, so they know where to focus and where their strengths are. It also shines a spotlight on program weaknesses.

By connecting your CRM, PRM and all channel management system, it helps everyone have the information they need to effectively target customers and meet goals. Of course it’s not as simple as just “connecting” the systems. The first step is making sure that you have systems in place that are open, will connect and play well with others. After you’ve done your homework that it’s possible, you have to work with the solution providers to create the connections and let the data flow.