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Part 4 of Channel Partner Motivation: The “Partner Score”

Apply points / scores to activity and behavior to motivate partners.

Relayware Partner Relationship Management

Channel Partner Motivation Pt. 4: The “Partner Score”

By Simon Taylor

Most companies score their incoming “leads” and will be familiar with the concepts of scoring. Partner scoring is the same with a few differences. This is one way to really get benefits from gameification in your partner program (see my last post on gameification). You can apply points / scores to activity and behavior to motivate partners. You can also use similar activities / actions to score / rate / segment your partners based on behaviour beyond traditional scoring or segmentation.

Traditional incentives programs tend to only focus on rewarding partners using

  • Auto Allocated Points / $
  • Claim Based Points / $
  • Points / Money Awarded for Certification or Training

Partner scoring has historically focused on:

  • Partner Tier
  • Revenue
  • Products Sold
  • Certification

With a solution powered by Relayware you can attribute scores / points many, many areas:

Incentives Module

  • Claim based points/Score/Incentive $
  • Rebates - auto allocation of points/Score/Incentive $
  • Sales / Orders - auto allocation of points/Score/Incentive $

Training Module (Auto allocation of points/Score/Incentive $)

  • Quiz Pass - auto allocation
  • Online Module Pass
  • Classroom Module Pass
  • Course Pass
  • Certification Pass
  • Specialization Pass (company level pass)

Event Management (Auto allocation of points/Score/Incentive $)

  • Register for Event
  • Attend Event

Opportunities / Deal / Leads (Auto allocation of points/Score/Incentive $)

  • Register Leads
  • Deal Registration
  • Create Opportunity

Activity Based Incentives (Auto allocation of points/score)

Points can be awarded to help model partner behavior, so rewarding good partner behavior. This can done as part of any Portal Page, Screen, Workflow or Approval process therefore this could include almost any partner action – here are just a few:

  • First Login of Portal
  • When a user logins in for the X time in a week / month
  • Invites a colleague
  • Update personal user profile
  • Update company profile
  • Update location profile
  • Update location map position for locator
  • Discussion participation
  • Provide a solution in a discussion
  • Business plan submission
  • Business plan approval
  • Support ticket closure
  • View a page
  • View price list
  • Content view (e.g., new partner portal video)
  • Content download (e.g., product brochure)
  • File upload (e.g., list of leads)
  • Register for partner tier upgrade
  • Registration of new partner contact
  • Click through from activity stream
  • Click through from a system / notification email
  • Click through from a marketing / bulk EDM email
  • Successful completion of MDF activity

One final note, while you might want to apply rewards, you may also consider applying a cap on the points that can be rewarded. However, but don’t limit the points that count toward a partner score.