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Part 5 of Channel Partner Motivation: Collaboration

What ties channel partner motivation is collaborating with your partners.

Relayware Partner Relationship Management

Channel Partner Motivation Pt. 5: Collaboration

By Simon Taylor

This series is focused on increasing your partner engagement, and taking the time to collaborate with your partners is essential. Furthermore, you need to enable your partners to interact with each other. What ties all of this together is collaborating with your partners. There are many ways to collaborate (business plans, sales, etc.). However, on the topic of partner motivation, collaboration here means facilitate engagement, participation and discussions.

While everyone cheers on the benefits of collaboration, most enterprise collaboration apps don’t work well if at all outside your own company, which therefore excludes your partners. However, the need for collaboration across the company boundary cannot be ignored and neither can the potential benefits.

This is one of Relayware’s sweet spots – the bridge across this divide, and our customers see double-digit productivity improvements that offer a meaningful return.

One tip is to facilitate engagement, participation and discussions on your partner portal among those that have experience and are willing to share it with the community. Also, allow partners to follow particular topics they are interested in. This is the ultimate feedback loop and the way to distribute your support resources. For example, look at the Apple Support forum or a LinkedIn discussion group. You’ll find that the participants help one another for the greater good and the side benefit of that is that individuals develop their personal brand and contribute to the positive image of the company/products they’re discussing.

Well, this was a long, meaty series on channel partner motivation, which is why I broke it up into pieces. For a quick summary: