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How the CIO and CMO Collaborate with Partnering Automation

the very best channel partner programs are when the CIO and CMO collaborate.

Relayware Partner Relationship Management

How the CIO and CMO Can Collaborate When Implementing a Partnering Automation Solution

By Allison Watters, Relayware Global Communications

We know that marketing is more technology and data driven than ever before, and this requires CMOs to have a strong partnership with their CIO counter-part. Both executives face an incredible pace of technology and digital change.

While accessing the customer and deciphering customer insight is a top marketing priority, the channel cannot simply be sidestepped. When creating the most effective marketing strategies, the CMO must harnesses and leverages the power of the channel, and this inevitably involves sophisticated technology, which requires collaborating with the CIO.

Channel partners are hungry for quick, easy access to information. They want to be nimble – getting the training they need wherever, whenever; downloading marketing materials quickly to respond to a customer inquiry; finding one another to collaborate on a deal.

In addition to serving partners’ needs, the best partnering automation solution delivers intelligence on your organization’s channel eco-system, provides clarity on partners activities and meets each partner professional’s needs. Additionally, the most advanced solution seamlessly integrates with your CRM system. To bring all of this together and deliver meaningful results, CMOs and CIOs must work together to identify the right solution and implement it.

When an organization realizes that it needs a partnering automation solution (essentially when it has outgrown individual point solutions and needs to bring together data from disparate areas), each side needs to consider and discuss the following:

  1. What data needs to come together (e.g., CRM Data, Training progress, MDF requests and partner deal registrations)?
  2. What are your channel program’s KPIs? What does the technology need to measure?
  3. Who will own the relationship with the technology vendor providing the partnering automation solution and who will manage the technology?


We work with CIOs and CMOs all the time, and the very best channel partner programs involve both.