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Relayware Partner Relationship Management

Our Story

Have you ever seen a group more committed to helping you get the most out of your partner program?

Relayware NJ Office

Relayware opened an office in Jersey City, NJ fueling the company’s advancements. Relayware is constantly winning new customers, including GENBAND, Nexenta, PGi and SafeNet in the U.S. as well as leading Asian companies, such as India’s Reliance Industries and Tata.


Relayware Named 2013 CRN Emerging Technology Vendor

CRN Emerging Vendors

Forrester Research ranked Relayware the #1 Partner Relationship Management (PRM) solution, ahead of Salesforce.com and Netsuite.

Gartner Cool Vendor

Relayware’s innovation and market impact was recognized as a Gartner Cool Product.


With Relayware customers and the market clamoring for more, the company raised its first round of capital and partnered with London’s Albion ventures, which invested $5.5 million.


Relayware Launches Relayware Mobile. The company’s B2B collaboration and multi-channel communication solution goes mobile.


Relayware Named 2011 CRN Emerging Technology Vendor


Relayware created a presence in Silicon Valley driving its next phase of growth. Relayware won many more customers, including Lexmark, Kaspersky Lab, NETGEAR and Trend Micro, transforming both the way these companies engaged with their partners and helping them drive impressive channel growth. Relayware’s success continued, always profitable and cash positive.


Siebel’s ex-European chief, Bob Mann, invested and joined as chairman. Another early investor and champion, was a customer -- Mike Morgan, a channel veteran from Xerox, Compaq and HP. Mike joined Relayware’s management team, first as COO and then as CEO.


With the number of customers taking advantage of Simon Wallace-Jones’ innovative software solution growing, the company took off, and the company Relayware was born.


Simon Wallace-Jones saw so many channel professionals devoting most of their time, effort and resources to the handful of channel partners they knew best and who sold the most, ignoring all the others. Companies were struggling to fully leverage the power of their indirect channel partners. Further, each and every interaction with any partner was a one-to-one, manual process.

Simon knew that vendors could communicate and collaborate with more of their partners in meaningful ways that would positively affect their bottom line, if they had the right tools. So, Simon set to work and wrote the code that created the product, which he released to his clients’ amazement and satisfaction.