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Relayware Partner Relationship Management

Case Study

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Gemalto (SafeNet)

Gemalto, formerly SafeNet, helps enterprise organizations
protect data, identities and transactions in physical, virtual
and cloud environments.


Gemalto Talks Achieving Superb Channel Growth

Gemalto Talks Achieving Superb Channel Growth

Gemalto (SafeNet) Case Study

Gemalto, formerly SafeNet, helps enterprise organizations protect data, identities and transactions in physical, virtual and cloud environments. The company protects and enables over 1.5 billion users and operates in over 140 countries. Gemalto offers solutions for a variety of clients including mobile operators, manufacturers, financial institutions, government agencies and enterprises.

Working with value added distributors and resellers, service providers and technology partners, Gemalto recognizes the tremendous growth opportunity that the channel brings.

In an effort to more deeply engage and empower partners, Gemalto announced its new global channel partner program -- Gemalto's SafeNet Cipher Partner program, which launched in June 2014. This program allows partners to grow their businesses and help customers tackle the new challenges of data security in the age of cloud, virtualization and mobility.

The technological foundation of Gemalto's Partner Program is Relayware, which supports Gemalto's updated tiered partner benefits, an enhanced partner portal and deal registration. All of this makes it easier for partners to grow their data security business.

Gemalto's Partner Program Technological Transformation

Gemalto offers each of its partner types distinct rewards, benefits and levels of certification that align to partners' business models, products, services and business requirements. The company knew that in order to fulfill its projected growth in the channel, it must deliver a consistent program across the globe with allowances for local market adjustments, as well as provide channel support across all critical functions of partners' businesses.

Historically, Gemalto only had one partner portal for all partners, regardless of type, location or role. The security company also had low-tech, manual processes and no unified, single view of their entire partner ecosystem. Gemalto wanted to provide their partner professionals with custom views that were relevant to their role and location. Additionally, the company aimed to communicate with partners on a more personal level, beyond pushing out webcasts and whitepapers. However, Gemalto also required a single point of entry on its side as the vendor, in order to efficiently manage all aspects of its channel program, such MDF and deal registration. They were looking for a solution that could balance all of these needs, and so Gemalto embarked on a search for the right technology foundation to boost their partner program and achieve their goals. After much consideration, Gemalto selected Relayware's partnering automation solution.

The Value Relayware Brings Gemalto

Relayware provides a scalable solution that enables Gemalto's SafeNet Cipher Partner Program's growth and success. Gemalto has since been able to expand the resources it makes available to partners, because of Relayware's flexible and scalable solution.

At the root level, Relayware's Partner Cloud brings unification to Gemalto's partner program and enables more informed strategic decisions, allowing the company to fully leverage the power of its channel partners. Gemalto has one partner database of record, presenting a comprehensive view of their entire channel ecosystem. This allows Gemalto to easily manage each partner type and the differentiated features they each get.

Gemalto's Relayware-supported partner portal offers partners the tools and resources needed to sell, service and support Gemalto's full range of products and solutions. Relayware's integrated single-sign-on brings together all of the content, collateral and tools that each partner professional needs through one access point, resulting in accelerated marketing, selling and servicing for end users.

Gemalto has invested heavily in developing training and accreditation as well as sales and marketing programs to enable partners to architect, sell and deliver advanced data protection solutions. Furthermore, the new partner portal provides centralized access to sales tools, training and marketing campaigns available to each partner. As a result, Relayware has also reduced Gemalto's operational costs.

Relayware automated Gemalto's partner onboarding so partners are quickly brought into the fold with a host of training and documentation. Partners benefit from video-based, webbased and classroom training, which are all managed in one place -- via Gemalto's Relayware admin console.

With Relayware each Gemalto partner professional has exactly the information they need for their role, geography and channel type. When a partner is ready to sell, they go onto the Relayware-supported partner portal and have first-hand access to a wide range of sales, marketing and technical resources, which puts partners firmly on the path to success.

Partners close opportunities faster, because with Relayware, Gemalto has automated deal registration and lead passing to partners directly through the partner portal, instead of relying on email. This allows partners to easily register and collaborate on deals with Gemalto.

"Channel partners have greatly increased the number of opportunities in the pipeline, increasing sales and revenue."

With Relayware, Gemalto delivers to its partners:

  • An efficient sales cycle
  • Sales tools specific to market needs
  • Joint selling opportunities
  • Qualified leads

Since launching Gemalto's SafeNet Cipher Partner Program supported by Relayware partnering automation solution, channel partners have greatly increased the number of opportunities in the pipeline, increasing sales and revenue. Gemalto attributes this growth to the simplified tools and programs that make working with the company even easier for partners.

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