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Relayware Partner Relationship Management

Relayware Customer Support

Choose a package that best suits your need and budget.

Relayware Customer Services is dedicated to helping customers succeed on all fronts and getting the most value out of their system.

Support and administration expertise is critical for promoting user adoption and maintaining a successful deployment. Our friendly customer services agents are experts in both the functionality and application of the Relayware system in customer environments. We’re always available to provide user support, telephone or online help and step-by-step problem resolution.

There are many options for configuring Relayware’s Partner Packs and Partner Cloud, and in order to meet the diverse support requirement of our customers, we have developed a range of programs to meet every need and budget.

Relayware is an excellent business tool, and their client support is outstanding.

Robert Munne, Vice President, Global Sales Operations. Trend Micro
standard support

Standard Support

Relayware offers Standard Support at no additional cost when buying any Partner Pack.

premium support

Premium Support

Customers can buy Premium Support for an additional monthly service fee.

partner portal pack

Premium Support (+)

Premium Support (+) provides bundled administrative services on top of the Premium.

standard supportStandard Support

Essential support services to meet the needs of most Relayware customers are included at no additional charge for cost-effective peace-of-mind.

Unlike many legacy software vendors, Relayware includes a baseline level of customer support as part of your subscription. Standard Support includes live phone support during normal U.S. and European working hours, 5 days per week (excluding public holidays), a 1-business-day response time, the ability to raise 10 cases per month, and 24/7 access to our online customer support portal.

Standard Support is included free of charge with any Relayware Partner Pack.

premium supportPremium Support

Relayware Premium Support is available for all customers with multi-national or global deployments, mission critical systems or features.

This enhanced support package provides maximum value, a collaborative partnership and personalized services. Our Premium Support Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) are the most knowledgeable system and domain experts in the industry, and they are ready to tackle your toughest challenges. Premium Support is suited for customers striving for higher user adoption, more system success and increased business productivity.

In addition to all the benefits of Standard Support, Premium Support includes:

  • Unlimited number of cases
  • 1 business hour response time for your most critical issues
  • An assigned CSR or team of CSRs
  • Service Level Agreements for added re-assurance
  • Health checks to determine if your company is using Relayware to its full advantage
  • Support for Relayware customizations* performed by Relayware Professional Services

These critical elements ensure success, which is why many of our customers select Premium Support.

Premium Support is available for a monthly fee equivalent to 20% of your total monthly subscription fees.

*Support for Relayware Customizations

Customizations implemented by Relayware carry a 90-day limited warranty. Beyond this warranty period, Relayware customers may purchase Customization Support for an additional monthly support fee. This guarantees that customizations will continue to function with future versions of Relayware. Details upon request.

partner portal pack Premium Support (+)

Improve efficiency and optimize resource utilization by leaving your system administration to our experts who will monitor and manage your system while performing a range of advanced services.

Although Relayware applications are incredibly easy to use, having an expert manage and administer your solution can take your partner program to new heights and provide insurance against your biggest fear: a failed project. With our Premium Support (+) services, you can better allocate your resources by leaving system administration duties to our experts. You’ll have peace-of-mind knowing that an experienced channel professional is managing and monitoring your application at all times in addition to providing advanced support services.

Premium Support (+) is our most comprehensive support package. It combines all the services included in Premium Support with ongoing application administration services from a Relayware system expert. Your system administrator understands your company’s goals and business issues, collaboration and communication best practices, as well as all available Relayware resources. That know-how ensures you use Relayware to its greatest potential for your business.

In addition to all the benefits of Premium Support, you’ll receive dozens of administration services with Premium Support (+), including:

  • Ongoing application maintenance
  • Post-deployment application configuration
  • Advanced application optimization

Looking for our Customer Support Portal?

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