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Diagnosing Channel Partner Program Success

Upcoming webinar: Metrics You Must Know for a Strong & Growing Partner Program

Relayware Partner Relationship Management

Diagnosing Channel Partner Program Success

Posted on July 11, 2016

There are so many ways to dissect your channel partner program – from revenue to engagement to number of partners. What is the right combination? What numbers really tell you something, and what numbers are sending you false signals?

This Thursday, July 14 we are hosting a webinar in conjunction with Norma Watenpaugh, CEO of Phoenix Consulting Group. We’ll go over what channel program revenue and profitability metrics you should be looking at, the vital opportunity benchmarks, what engagement numbers mean, revealing marketing effectiveness and incentive metrics as well as educational yardsticks.

It’s not just knowing the numbers, but how to cross correlate and further, how to bring the numbers together. Your partner relationship management software should act as a channel program database of record for all the data that comes from different systems (e.g., your partner portal, CRM and LMS).

Now, to be fair, only the most sophisticated partner programs look at all of these metrics, but you should be able to know exactly why you are pulling the numbers you are for the program that your company has. This will also help you create a roadmap. Maybe you don’t have a channel certification program today, but you plan to roll one out in 2017. When you do, make sure your LMS is able to provide you with the data you need.

Besides the fun of comparing notes of cool restaurants and bars in the area, the event initiated some exciting conversations about channel challenges and growth opportunities.

Register now and Join us on Thursday, July 14 at 9 am PT / 12 pm ET / 5 pm GMT.