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Energizing Adaptive Insights’ Partners

How Relayware is helping advance Adaptive Insights Channel Program Advance Sales

Relayware Partner Relationship Management

Energizing Adaptive Insights’ Partners

By Randy Skipper, Relayware Account Executive

Recently, I had the opportunity to present to Adaptive Insights’ global partners showing off their new Relayware partner portal. The new portal will improve the way they interact with their partners and make it much easier to do business with. It will also provide them insight into the true health of their channel through increased sales visibility and partner performance metrics.

In a room filled with the sales and marketing partner professionals from all over the world, Adaptive Insights’ channel marketing director and channel operations senior manager walked the partners through why the company chose Relayware, and the immediate benefits partners will have. Some of the issues they were facing with their old portal were:

  • Current portal hosts marketing and sales content and links to support info, but little else
  • Partners asked for visibility into registered leads, opportunities and commissions
  • Plagued by slow, manual processes that are not scalable!
  • Partner Portal and Demo model access
  • Lead Registration and Acceptance
  • MDF requests, approvals, tracking and payments
  • Demand gen tools help, but partners need more

Then, I presented an early look at the new Relayware Adaptive Insights Partner Portal, which will deliver a faster, intuitive and powerful platform for managing business with Adaptive Insights. We will be delivering a lot for Adaptive Insights partners, including Onboarding, Media Library, Deal Registration, Business Planning, MDF, Incentives, and Demand Generation Campaigns. One aspect that the partners were really excited about is the real-time commission statement tracking. In fact, this got a round of applause. There is nothing better than making people excited to do their job even better!

After the presentation, I walked around the room with an iPad loaded up with the new portal and got to sit down with partners 1-1. We gathered great feedback from the partners that we will use to further improve the portal experience. Everyone was so excited for the mid-year partner portal launch, and many were clamoring to get into the beta program so they can give their feedback on which features and functionality really matter to their sales efforts.

We are thrilled to work with Adaptive Insights on delivering a strong partnering automation solution that will lead to more and greater sales.