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Relayware Partner Relationship Management

Engaging Channel Partner Training

A lot of time as well as planning and project management goes into delivering product and sales training to channel partners. Nowadays online courses are the norm, whether stored for on-demand playback or live and interactive.

The benefits of on-demand trainings include the ability to meet your partners wherever they are, whenever it works for them. A benefit of live training is the ability to solicit feedback. Additionally, it’s possible to turn a live training into an on-demand since online conferencing services have recording abilities, you wind up with a permanent, on-demand training asset, whether recorded offline or live.

Relayware’s Partner Training Pack helps by automating invitations, registration and handouts, as well as aiding in the creation and management of content. The Training Pack can make sure the final recording is publicized and accessible by any channel partners who didn't attend, or simply want a refresher. It also presents partners just those courses relevant to their tier level, role, geography and product mix, and tracks their progress toward certifications. It even socializes that progress among the partner group, for a little friendly competition.

When doing live training with a web conferencing service, such as WebEx Events, Citrix Go to Meeting, Join.me or ON24, there are a few little things that you need to do to ensure your live online training goes smoothly.

  • With your channel partners logged in and their microphones enabled, here some other ways you can maximize their attentiveness, retention, and the overall effectiveness of your partner online training.
  • Remember that in real-time, voice, chat and video can flow in two directions and even share a divided screen. Depending on the conferencing system, you can encourage live Q and A through controls that include moderated hand-raising and shared chat. You can mute or open others' microphones. You can invite students to "come to the board" by passing them the virtual marker on a shared whiteboard.

Recognize that in real-time online conferences, you can encourage partners to also trade their own best ideas among themselves, by inviting them to virtually continue the conversation "after class." You can encourage this through links to third-party media like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, all of which integrate with a Relayware portal.

In other “after class” activities, Relayware’s activity stream allows you to help your partners educate one another. Throw down content challenges with questions that give your partners opportunities to brag while they share. You may ask, “How did you save a sale that was heading south?” “What news item gave you a fruitful opening with a new customer?”

At the end of the day channel training must tie back to the value it brings to the bottom line. How are trainings helping sales? One of Relayware's major benefits to vendors lies in revealing which partner behaviors generate the best results, and then teaching, promoting and incentivizing those activities among less outstanding performers.