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How Can I Get More and Better Leads Through my Channel Partners?

How to enhance the quality of channel partner leads

Relayware Partner Relationship Management

How Can I Get More and Better Leads Through my Channel Partners?

By Mike Maturo

After you’ve examined your relationship with your partners (see my previous post), then you are in a better position to get more and better leads.

Within the context of partner relationship management systems, there are several things you can do to enhance the quality of channel partner leads.

Some channel partner management software (like Relayware’s) allows you to pass leads to the channel partners, in which case you’ll want to track and examine those leads. Have your partners been servicing those leads in a timely manner? Are those leads turning into deal registrations?

That’s another thing: deal registration (which Relayware also offers). Sometimes the goal is to have partners register more and higher-value deals. Two great ways to make sure this happens is to make it easy for partners to register deals in the first place. The second is to make sure that your partners are well trained or certified. We’ve noticed that certified partners end up delivering deal sizes 30-50% greater than uncertified partners.

What if you’ve collecting leads from partners? Again you have to make it easy for them to enter those leads. Give them a single platform. Take advantage of single-sign-on. Gameify lead collection. For example, the best partner relationship management systems give you individual logins, and therefore you can give points to individuals who deliver leads, and those points can be used toward prizes.

Another way to enhance the value of the leads you get from partners is to give them the same high-quality visibility and insight that you expect from your system. Reporting systems, charts and graphs, let them see how far leads are in the pipe, which ones are closing, and which are stalled.

Let us know if you want to see a demo of our solution, which makes all of this incredibly easy for you to capture and act on.