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How Relayware Enables Vendors & Channel Partners in the Age of Cloud Services

Your PRM system should make it very easy for your partners to promote your products to the right audience, whether that's line of business professionals or the IT department.

Relayware Partner Relationship Management

How Relayware Enables Vendors & Their Channel Partners in the Age of Cloud Services

Many Relayware customers offer subscription-based cloud services. As a result, the metrics by which vendors measure their partners' performance has changed from units shipped to subscription service activation, ongoing usage and renewals. However, the need for local, personal customer contact remains the same, and the channel partner remains a vital point of contact.

Today’s cloud-base services have widened the market to include smaller businesses, and often the customer and prospect is more often a line-of-business professional than an IT professional. These LOB professionals, such as trainers, marketers or production managers, no longer simply turn to their IT departments and write up a description of what they need. They crowd-source unbiased advice at their disposal, from peers with no personal stake in any personal solution. They turn to their professional communities in online forums, Linked-In Groups and Facebook pages. They Google product reviews and news. These word-of-mouth endorsements can be much more powerful than paid advertising.

In fact, Gartner finds that by 2016, 80 percent of IT investments will directly involve line of business, with these executives being the lead decision makers over half of the time.

With the great majority of LOB professionals’ research do their research and then turn to IT and say, “We want to buy X solution. It addresses these issues that we have. Please vet it and make sure it properly integrates with our existing systems.”

With LOB managers as your channel partners' prospect, a different kind of marketing approach is needed: one that postpones discussing much of the underlying technology in favor of recognizing and addressing the end users' pain points. One that you, as vendor, are best equipped to address through your partners, not only by providing jargon-free collateral that clearly connects the dots from pain to relief, but also with your own marketing departments' eagle-eyed monitoring of online customer input.

With your partners' profiles stored in your partner relationship management solution and your communications centralized and automated, you can alert the relevant resellers when new questions appear in your FAQ page or new endorsements or discussions appear in important third-party forums. Your PRM system should make it very easy for your partners to promote these endorsements, in turn, through links in their own social media posts.

Further, through the email campaigns and landing pages that they can create and send to their targeted lists, your partners can actively alert their customers and prospects to these relevant online events, multiplying the effect of a good online watch.

Relayware’s Marketing Pack makes it easy for channel marketing managers to enable their partners to get the right message to the right person, be that the LOB professional or the IT department when the time comes. Contact us for a demo.