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Relayware Partner Relationship Management

The Big Dollar Impact of Context over Content in Your Messaging


Posted on November 17, 2014 by John Benecke, Relayware Chief Financial Officer

According to published research by companies like WordStream the ad click-through rates achieved by Google versus Facebook has Google leading by a factor of x8. Eight times more effective versus the nearest competition is a pretty significant differentiation by any standard…. but it does beg the question of ‘Why’?

The answer can’t be related to the CONTENT of those ads, which are often identical by brand. What does matter is the CONTEXT of those ads. Typically, when users are using Facebook, they are connecting with friends…and not in ‘buying’ mode. When you are searching something using Google…you are far more likely to be in that critical purchasing mind-set. It is the CONTEXT of the communication that matters and drives the x8 effectiveness multiplier.

So what does that mean for your channel? Do you have a tool for analyzing your entire partner base at an individual level and that allows you to automate the contextual individualized messages designed to drive improvements to their performance, or are you blasting your partner base with standard messages?

Relayware has the tools that enable you to automatically send the right message to the right partner at the right time.

Segment your channel marketing partners and connect in context