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Incredible Results of Relayware’s 1st Hackathon

Relayware's first hackathon resulted in a number of customer-facing PRM product innovations.

Relayware Partner Relationship Management

Incredible Results of Relayware's 1st Hackathon


Posted on December 7, 2016 By Roi Amir

We recently had our first hackathon here at Relayware.

We were inspired by Dan Pink's TED Talk and the Atlassian's ShipIt days, where employees take time away from their normal responsibilities to spend time on any creative project they want to pursue. "Over fifty companies have now incorporated this strategy into their own development plan. Google calls its own version 20% time," according to impraise blog.

I know from talking to people here, we have more ideas coming out of the amazing talent at Relayware than we have hours in a whole year. So, what better way to focus on making some of these a reality than having a hackathon day to help some of the ideas come to fruition.

The main rule of the Relayware Hackathon – after 24 hours, you must have something working to show (not ideas or suggestions or diagrams or PowerPoints). A lot of brainstorming happens before the hackathon and one can feel the vibe in the office in the days leading to it. We had discussions where people pitched their ideas and found people to work with and help their idea become a reality.

We ended up with 13 multi-disciplinary teams that represented every level of the company across all geographies. Most the contributions were new product features, but we also had awesome internal-facing projects that propel employee productivity, which of course ultimately affects customer experience. It's obvious the team is passionate about partner relationship management and our customers, and all of the projects pushed Relayware forward, which is so exciting.

I was one of the participants, and while, I would like to brag about my own contribution, the competition was stiff. So, let me roll through some of the exciting things that were developed in this Hackathon:

  • One team developed a new dashboard for our PRM solution, and we plan to release this in our product next quarter.
  • Another team worked on optimizing triggers based on data changes. This adds even more configurability to the Relayware PRM solution, which is already an area our customers value about our product – putting them in more control.
  • In 2017 we'll be adding more ability to analyze the data that we gather, and one team really dug in to further this advancement on our roadmap.
  • It's software, so there will be bugs. One group created a tool to help us debug even faster, which any developer can appreciate.
  • Also, in internal tools, one team created a source code repository, which we started using the next day and has already made a difference.
  • Another popular project that came from the hackathon was a new visualization of our workflow. This will help us all stay on the same page and see what's going on.
  • To promote our technology and breath of development tools, one team demoed how to easily integrate different technologies to our solution and enhance our Micro-Services architecture.

Here are a couple of previews of what came out of our hackathon:

Relayware Hackathon Dashboard 1 Relayware Hackathon Dashboard 2

What a successful day hacking, creating, developing and having fun! I feel so proud of being part of this amazing team and can't wait for our next hackathon in Q1-2017. In the meantime, we'll be using the valuable results of our first hackathon to accelerate our innovative product and spur development.