Whitepaper: Indirect Channel Enablement & Training

Tailor your training program to match partner needs and ensure they stay engaged

Now is the time to look hard at your channel enablement and training programs if you want to be on the fast path to profit - nothing else translates so directly to revenue. 


But managing training programs manually is tough. Tracking and scoring completed lessons, awarding accreditations and certification, and understanding improvements to your training efforts demands huge administrative effort, and it can cost you business. Automating these processes allows everyone to focus on what’s important: teaching, training and turning that knowledge into closed deals.


Download this whitepaper to see answers to:

  • How do you motivate your channel partners to participate in training opportunities?
  • How should enablement and training programs be tailored to match partner needs?
  • How do you ensure your partners stay engaged with your training program?
  • How do you leverage mobile, social, and cloud to reach partners in the ways they want to be reached?
Indirect Channel Management

Partners need to see the tangible benefits of training programs

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