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Life as a Relayware Configuration Engineer

As Relayware configuration engineers, we work hard to create the ideal experience for Relayware customers and their partners.

Relayware Partner Relationship Management

Life as a Relayware Configuration Engineer

By Mark Carpenter and Jaime Hutchins, Relayware Configuration Engineers

As Relayware configuration engineers, we work hard to create the ideal experience for Relayware customers and their partners. The partner lifecycle has many elements, including registration, onboarding, training, marketing, and Relayware’s solutions provide immense capabilities at each stage. We go to a lot of care to build a partner experience that meets customers’ requirements, for example the registration process and incentive program specifics. We also do extensive testing in-house and with our customers to ensure that their new partner portal works as expected and needed.

We both love our jobs because of the variety. This includes the mixture of interpersonal work with clients and the techy coding work that we do. Additionally, there is a lot of diversity across Relayware’s customer base, so no two projects are the same.

Mark: Talking to customers is one of the most interesting parts of my job. Also, I really enjoy working at Relayware, because the company makes a huge effort to ensure employees learn. This includes moving into a new role as well as providing training courses online and onsite. Right now, I’m working in the U.S. for six months to be closer to our customers and recruit more talent. We need technically-minded professions, but they don’t have to come from a technical background. We are looking for someone with a mixture of technical skills and people skills. (Check out job positions here.)

Jaime: Apart from getting to work with Mark, one of the advantages of being a configuration engineer at Relayware is the exposure to varying types language bases, including SQL and Cold Fusion, among others. I also get to take advantage of the already installed knowledge of CSS, HTML and JS. This role has also has been a great introduction to relational databases. Aside from the technical aspect, which I find interesting, I also got to travel to Mumbai to do engaging work for one of our customers. This isn’t the last of my Relayware travels, either! Furthermore, I really like working with likeminded people here at Relaywre who have a strong knowledge base as well as working with those who are willing to share their knowledge. It’s great to work at a place where I enjoy the tasks at hand as well as my awesome co-workers.

If you are interested in joining the Relayware team, please submit your resume here.

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