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Looking at Salesforce.com’s Communities for Partner Relationship Management?

Where Salesforce Communities falls short on partner relationship management.

Relayware Partner Relationship Management

Looking at Salesforce.com’s Communities for Partner Relationship Management?

Consider This....

By Karren Gurnhill

If you use Salesforce.com as your CRM application, at first glance, Salesforce.com’s Communities seems like a logical way to manage channel relationships. But working with an indirect channel is very different from enabling a direct sales force, and strong channel managers quickly realize that it’s incomplete as partner management software.

Salesforce’s strength is automating direct sales tasks, and when you start looking closely at what their Communities product really provides you find that it’s a poor substitute for PRM software and at a significant cost. It misses essential parts of a channel management strategy, such as recruiting, training, on-boarding, motivating and incentivizing value added resellers.

Salesforce’s price model is based on licenses. You must have at least one Enterprise Edition Sales Cloud license ($1,500 per year), and then you start buying licenses for your channel partners. 20 partners cost $8,400 per year; 100 partners cost $30,000 per year; 5,000 partners cost $1.5 million. How many partner organizations does your company work with?

From there, it’s not just the number of partner organizations that you work with. How many partner professionals at each partner company do you work with?

Sophisticated partner relationship management and partnering automation solutions provide each of your partner professional with their own unique login. They see their goals, their progress. They are treated as an individual and measured as such.

There is much more to say about Salesforce as a partner management software solution, and I’ll continue to peel back this onion in my upcoming blog posts.

Needless to say, here at Relayware, our PRM software takes a different approach that reduces cost of ownership and increases the personal touch, giving channel managers a deeper window into their partner program.