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(New eBook): The Definitive Guide to Partnering Automation

Relayware's brand new eBook to help you understand what your business and channel needs from you in 2015 and beyond.

Relayware Partner Relationship Management

[New eBook]: The Ultimate Guide to Channel Management Strategy

Our previous eBook has always been incredibly successful in every way one measures success. However, technology and channel partner program best practices have quickly evolved, and the time has come for us to issue a new book filled with information for the professional managing today's channel partner program.

While vendors are still managing the full channel lifecycle, the old partner relationship management way of trying to push their channel partners forward isn't working. Modern channel manages use partnering automation to improve channel performance and accelerate sales revenue without increasing the internal management costs.

This is why we are rolling out the brand new “Ultimate Guide to Channel Management Strategy,” which addresses the challenges of managing today's channel partner program. If you tackling channel sales, channel marketing, channel operations or channel training, there is meaningful and actionable guidance here for you. If you are at the beginning of creating a partner program or continuing to refine an established partner program, our eBook also has information that's relevant to you.

Dig in and discover new ways to fuel your program!

Download here and happy reading!