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Optimizing Your Channel Program

“The devil is in the delivery.” Get your unfair share of mindshare with your partners.

Relayware Partner Relationship Management

Optimizing Your Channel Program

Relayware at the SiriusDecisions Summit 2015

This week Relayware is sponsoring the SiriusDecisions Summit 2015 in Nashville where the theme is Intelligent Growth™. As the rallying cry, we’ve had a lot of conversations with companies who are focused on growing their channel program to accelerate growth.

Yesterday, SiriusDecisions analysts Laz Gonzalez and Maria Chien unveiled the SiriusDecisions Channel Program Model. They shared the stages of channel program creation and the responsibilities for channel sales, channel marketing and channel operations during each of these stages that leads to a high performing partner program.

Laz reminded the audience, “The devil is in the delivery.” We hear this over and over from our customers. Many come to us with a partner portal as well as a training program and marketing collateral, but partners are not using them because it’s a PITA to log into three different places just for one vendor, not to mention that they are typicalling working for more than one vendor. So they gravitate toward the vendor that supports success, not creates silly roadblocks. Make sure you are getting your unfair share of mindshare, as SiriusDecisions says.

As you are optimizing your channel program, first review and consider what needs to change at a high strategic level in order to succeed. What will your channel contribution be? Do you need new partner types or new geographies to achieve these goals? What kind of pipeline do you need to create?

Then, look at the systems you have in place and make sure they support these goals. What kind of programs do you need to create? Do you have a partner portal that easily translates into multiple languages? Do partners have an effortless on-boarding experience? Are their first 30 days attentive and nurturing?

This is where Relayware is the foundation of prosperous channel programs. We offer solutions that are easily translated across multiple languages. Our partnering automation solution means that you can set up triggers and events to happen when your partners hit particular milestones in their journey with you. And most importantly, you can focus on the strategy and the direction of your program, not the technical details that are propping up your road to success.

Half way through this conference, this has been a great event full of thought-provoking conversations with current and future customers, and we’ve attended many stimulating learning sessions.

SiriusDecisions Summit 2015