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Partner Engagement Part 4

How partner engagement will ensure your partners stay with you and continue to produce revenue for you.

Relayware Partner Relationship Management

Partner Engagement Part 4

Maximizing Channel Partner Retention

By Simon Taylor

I have discussed how partner engagement is critical in the first 30 days (part 1), additional ways to extend partner engagement (part 2) and engaging existing partners (part 3). Finally, here, I will address how partner engagement will ensure your partners not only stay with you, but continue to produce revenue for you.

It should go without saying that the first 30 to 90 days will significantly impact your partners’ loyalty to you. However, the subsequent treatment of how you support your partner will also influence their loyalty -- especially if they were engaged in the first phase, and then your outreach efforts stopped.

Throughout your partners’ entire lifecycle with you, you should leverage all mechanisms of communication – email, push notifications, social messages and discussion groups. Also, you should never stop providing recognition for desired behavior, such as deal registration, completing a training or reading a whitepaper.

Once you have the routine down for the first phase of your partners’ lifecycle, Relayware also makes it easy to continue to create conversations that are relevant and engaging long after they have been with you.

Get a true understanding of your partners needs at every stage by tracking your partner professionals’ behavior. You can examine their usage on your partner portal, mobile app, learning management system/training, deal registration, incentive, co-branding and MDF modules. Then create rules that automatically serve up content that further increases engagement. Relayware makes this very easy.

Continue to always make sure your partners feel welcomed and valued.

Where our customers have used a multi-touch partner engagement process they have seen their partners become 10x more engaged in their partner program. And over the first year they have seen those same partners generate 2x more revenue compared to their partners who did not go through the process.

Partner engagement is essential at al phases for greater revenue and greater return on your channel investment.