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Partner Relationship Management Automation Reduces Complexity

The automation of partner relationship management enables you to run a significantly more efficient partner program, reducing the repetition of tasks.

Relayware Partner Relationship Management

Partner Relationship Management Automation Reduces Complexity

Posted on March 7, 2017

The automation of partner relationship management enables you to run a significantly more efficient partner program, reducing the repetition of tasks.

Many channel program managers have accepted that many of the processes involved in partner program management are laborious and time consuming without realizing that today’s PRM solutions consolidate many repetitive activities. Sophisticated PRM platforms reduce the number of times one creates from scratch particular processes or communications.

If you are running up against a wall when it comes to the available triggers, filters and logic within your current PRM platform, it may be time to consider a more advanced system.

Common examples of repetitive activities:

  • Updating lots of pages when a document is updated
  • Notifying partners of new content
  • Approving new partner contacts at the same organization
  • Removing partner contacts who have left the partner
  • Updating opportunities
  • Assigning leads or opportunities to channel partners
  • Managing MDF / fund accounts for partners
  • Recreating the same email for different audience sub-segments
  • Regular report building

If you’re spending hours doing any of these, you need a PRM platform with out-of-the-box settings that take away the heavy lifting of manual intervention. An ideal PRM platform enables you to simplify all the many processes you need to run a partner program from sending communications, to onboarding or even to deal registration. In addition the efficiencies designing, implementing and executing processes, Relayware allows you to focus more on monitoring results and optimizing.

Here are a few ways you can evaluate the efficiency of your PRM automation:

  • If it takes more than a few configurations to get to your outcome, there may be an easier setting that accomplishes the same goal
  • Ask your internal channel partner management team to note any workflow logic that feels overly complex and host team brainstorming sessions to see if everyone agrees on the approach
  • Schedule a periodic review with Relayware’s customer success team to review automation programs

With Relayware, it’s easy to put relevant information in front of each partner professional so they aren’t weeding through tons of clutter. This means they are only seeing content that resonates with them.

One example would be a welcome series for new channel partners. Rather than multiple send-wait-send emails, you can set up a communication series that is based on whether your channel partner professionals exhibit a desired behavior or take no action at all, and so you know what communication is most relevant next. Not only is this a healthier approach, it’s also a great way to avoid overwhelming partners and ensuring they stay on track.

I encourage you to reflect on what in your channel management can be streamlined. Do a quick survey of your team to ask them what they believe should take less time and where they would like to reduce the time involved. Are these areas you can consolidate?

And, of course, we encourage you to reach out to us to see how Relayware can help you run a more efficient partner program.