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Partner Up with Relayware

Partner Up with Relayware and reach new heights with your channel partner program

Relayware Partner Relationship Management

Partner Up with Relayware

By Ryan Letley, Relayware Test Engineer

We have a company mantra – “Partner Up,” which has strong, layered meaning to it – considering Relayware is in the business of helping companies increase the value of their channel partner programs, and we all learn in elementary school that together we accomplish more.

Soon after many of us posed with our “Partner Up” t-shirt earlier this year, I started thinking about where else I could wear my shirt.

Relayware challenges you to partner up with its partner portal

I have worn it cycling, which involves stopping at a local pub Interestingly, people stopped me and asked me about my shirt and the phrase on it. It’s fun to chat with people about how as individuals we “partner up” to create a great team and get more done. I have so many examples to share of how Relayware helps companies grow by strengthening their channel partner relationships. This encouraged me to wear it other places and see what other conversations came from the t-shirt.

Notably, over the holidays I took the shirt to South Africa with me along with a teddy bear, and at the top of Table Mountain, I took a photo of the adorable little guy in the t-shirt. Why dress the bear in the shirt on a mountain?

Partner Up Bear

Well, Relayware offers the unique Partner Cloud (mountains, clouds – get it?), and the bear represents our warm relationship with our customers.

All of our solutions -- Partner Cloud and the four Partner Packs (Partner Sales, Partner Marketing, Partner Training and Partner Portal) provide incredible value for the entire channel partner lifecycle. During a customer’s channel partner evolution, we provide support at each step along the way. As I carried the bear up the mountain, knowing that my goal was to grab a snapshot of the bear in the shirt, I couldn’t help but think about how we also carry our customers’ to new heights.

By the sound of this post, you’d think I was in the marketing department. Nope, I’m a test engineer, and being so close to the product, I completely see and understand how we work with our customers to fully enrich their channel partner programs, and I am a first-hand witness to the measurable value they derive when they “Partner Up” using Relayware.

If you want a Partner Up t-shirt or want to hear how we are helping our customers, drop us a line Contact Us.