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The Power of Channel Engagement

To engage your partners is to keep you top of mind while they are in front of customers.

Relayware Partner Relationship Management

The Power of Channel Engagement

Engaging and activating channel partners is a hot topic, and it’s one of our most requested customer workshops.

To engage your partners is to keep you top of mind while they are in front of customers. It’s a mosaic of strategies and activities, because engagement must be included in every aspect of the channel partner lifecycle from onboarding to training to growing your partners’ sales.

The companies that are the best at engagement are constantly monitoring, measuring and adapting their communication tactics to respond to what their partners need. Today that means being easily available to your partners wherever they are – at their desk or on the go; through your partner portal, via email as well as social media. Each of your partner professionals have their own unique way of connecting with customers, and you need to be there supporting every step of the way.

Today, Relayware Chief Marketing Officer Jim Somers and Relayware Director of Pre-Sales Simon Taylor gave a short, free webinar presentation offering and overview channel engagement best practices. You can download the companion whitepaper on channel engagement here, where you’ll find specific examples of effective touchpoints that keep your partners attuned to you. And finally, please review our longer blog series on channel engagement, which begins here with part 1.