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Partner Cloud

Partner up with Relayware's powerful
partnering automation platform
and PRM solutions.

Powering a New Era of Channel Partner Performance.

At the core of Relayware's Partnering Automation solution is the Partner Cloud, the ubiquitous platform for driving partner performance and productivity. The Partner Cloud makes it easy for companies to develop and connect partner-centric business related applications that operate around a shared, rich data source, content management system, business rules engine, business intelligence and multi-channel communications center.  

Relayware runs all your partner programs on the Partner Cloud - a single platform for delivering greater partner engagement, productivity and return on your indirect channel investment.

partner cloud database

partner cloud databaseDatabaseAll Your Partner Data in One Place

The Partner Cloud includes a partner system-of-record that combines all of your partner-centric data, apps and processes around a single, shared data repository. It enables storage and manipulation of all data associated with your partner ecosystems, such as contacts, companies and sub-locations.

This partner database also connects to all Relayware and third-party apps that are integrated with the Partner Cloud, allowing you to leverage a host of other features like reports, dashboards, business intelligence and the business rules engine.

partner cloud database

partner content managementContent Management SystemComprehensive CMS and File Libraries

The Partner Cloud features a powerful CMS and file library that allows you to design, create and publish content to Relayware Partner Portal and other third-party sites. The CMS supports multi-lingual and multi-country content distribution — managed by a powerful content publishing workflow. Plus, the CMS provides an extensible library of widgets, which allows functionality to be easily extended to your users.

Relayware Partner Portals are context-aware, so they can deliver content and tools selectively using business rules and user profile data. The CMS supports multiple concurrent sites and is capable of managing portals, micro sites, campaign landing pages and even your corporate website.

partner content management

partner cloud business rules engineBusiness Rules EnginePowerful Process Workflow Engine

At the heart of the Partner Cloud is a powerful business rules engine that gives you total control over the flow of information within your indirect channels. Our business rules engine supports rules, facts, priorities (scores), mutual exclusions, preconditions and other logical functions.

The Partner Cloud business rules engine also enables you to easily register, define, classify and manage all of your partner rules. It can verify the consistency of rules definitions, defining the relationships between rules as they relate to and affect Relayware or third-party apps connected to the Partner Cloud.

partner cloud business rules engine

partner cloud business intelligenceBusiness IntelligenceRich Insights & Continual Improvement

The Partner Cloud includes powerful business intelligence and reporting capabilities, giving you real-time insight into what your partners are up to and how productive they are. It's the window into overall partner activity, loyalty and performance enabling you to continuously refine and improve your partner program.

The Partner Cloud enables an array of different reports and dashboards:

Activity Reports

Gain greater insight into partner activity by collecting more detailed behavioral metrics, such as time logged into the partner portal, files downloaded, pages visited, deals closed, leads passed and more.

Campaign Reports

Campaigns developed with opportunity/lead manager, MDF manager, event manager, LMS/training and other platform modules can be tracked in a Campaign ROI report for wider program analysis.

Media & Content Reports

Get a deeper level of understanding into which content is driving the greatest value by tracking what, where, and when content is being accessed - and by whom.  Advanced filtering capability enables more dynamic and flexible content analysis, whether by individual user, user groups, or an entire organization.

CRM Connector

Get a real-time view into the health and status of data flowing between CRM Connector and the Relayware system.  You can review status updates and drill into error details just by hovering over the CRM Connector Sync Status in the dashboard.

Marketing Reports

Analyze the effectiveness of partner marketing programs by tracking activity stream messages and how they were sent, as well as drill down into the precise communication, email or message content.


CommunicationConnect and Engage

The Partner Cloud enables you to connect, communicate, and engage with your partners across devices and locations. Give your partners the information and responsiveness they need to be successful -- anytime and anywhere they need it.

Communication Capabilities Include:


Our robust messaging engine allows you to push notifications and connect with your channel partners via activity streams.


Integrate with leading social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, to achieve greater reach and engagement with your partners.

Responsive Design

With Partner Cloud's responsive design, every Relayware-powered portal is optimized for every mobile device.


Send marketing automation emails that include campaign management functionality with trace and track reporting.


IntegrationYour Partner Apps Fully Integrated

CRM Connector

The Partner Cloud provides a ready-made solution for exchanging company, contact, sales lead, opportunity and deal registration data seamlessly with your CRM Connector system. This ensures that both systems have the most recent information and facilitates easy and efficient sales collaboration with your intermediaries.


Through an open, fully documented REST web service API, the Partner Cloud also integrates with a host of other popular enterprise apps. Bring together all of your partner apps and data sources with Relayware, directly or via middleware. And achieve near real-time data synchronization.

See the possibilities.

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