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Partner Portal Pack

Boost partner engagement with an
automated partner portal.

Better Partner Engagement Starts with a Smarter Partner Portal.

Today's savvy channel executives understand that a partner portal is more than just a content repository or deal registration form. A "smart" partner portal understands who the partner is, where they're coming from, and what they need to be successful. Relayware's Partner Portal Pack is designed to be flexible and context-aware, enabling you to tailor each partner experience to their particular needs.

Key Features Include:

  • Recruitment & Onboarding
  • Registration & Approvals
  • CMS / Content Library
  • Measuring & Reporting
  • Single Sign-on
  • Mobile Support

GLOBAL CUSTOMIZATIONpartner recruitmentRecruit & Onboard the "Right" Channel Partners

Your high-performing global channel requires a global partnering automation solution. Relayware portals are built for the global channel, fully customizable for international audiences. Our portals are available in every language and character set. With Relayware’s content publishing workflow, you can roll out multi-lingual and multi-country content, educating and enabling all of your global partners—no matter where they are.

relayware courseware


Deliver the right value-rich content to the right partner every time they visit your portal. Armed with a powerful content management system and content library, Relayware-powered portals give partners selective, profile-dependent access to the content and tools they need—both on the portal and on third party sites.

With Relayware, no two partner experiences are identical. Using the customizable RelayTag library, you can create an extensible pool of widgets and intuitively drop features and functionality into any page without coding. Relevance yields results, and Relayware is harnessing relevance to empower high-performing channels.

relayware partner REGISTRATIONREGISTRATIONStrength in Numbers

Grow your partner base with Relayware’s recruitment, registration and onboarding trifecta. Turn potential partners into new partners through easy and intuitive registration. Relayware enables new partners to easily enter contact details, accept terms and conditions and link up their social media profiles.

Also, receive full visibility into pending registrations, and seamlessly manage the partner approval and onboarding process. Finally, a tool that enables you to effectively scale your channel sales force with limited manual touch points.

relayware partner registration

relayware measurement reportingMEASUREMENT / REPORTINGMeasure, Understand, Perform

In order to build the channel of your dreams in the future, you need to understand your channel today. Relayware provides clear and intuitive visibility into all of your channel activity. With Relayware’s rich reporting capabilities, you’ll tap into meaningful metrics and insights such as who visits your portal when and which content pieces are most popular amongst your partners. That way, you can continually provide enhanced value to your partners while dramatically boosting productivity in your channel.

relayware partner single sign-onSOCIAL SINGLE SIGN-ONZero to Sixty in No Time

Reduce the barriers to portal entry by enabling all of your partners to sign in once and remember login details in subsequent uses. Moreover, Relayware portals allow for an infinite number of logins. Master the science of person-to-person channel engagement by enabling all of your channel sales people to sync their social profiles, upload their photos and input follow-up information. Relayware Single Sign-on enables you to build an integrated, high-performing channel machine with an engaging human face.

relayware partner social

relayware self administrationSELF ADMINISTRATIONEmpowered to Perform

Relayware empowers your partners to power your business. With Relayware, partners can administer channel content amongst their teams, invite colleagues to join the portal, and update their own contact information. Your information will never be out of date. With Relayware, new contact information is updated in Relayware’s database and in that of the vendor’s integrated CRM.

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Kaspersky Lab supercharges partner performance.

Relayware provides a powerful, highly available and scalable purpose-built solution to handle all aspects of our channel collaboration and communication through a wide variety of mediums, and it integrates seamlessly with our other systems including Salesforce CRM.

- Chris Doggett, SVP, Corporate, North America for Kaspersky Lab

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