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Partner Training Pack

Boost partner performance with training
and testing automation.

Get Partners Going Quickly and Empowered for the Journey.

Relayware automates partner training and testing, so you can focus on continuously upping your channel's performance. Put an end to manual, offline processes and boost the quality of delivery, participation and understanding of your offerings. Ensure that your indirect channels are better trained, more skilled and more knowledgeable than your competition—achieving new levels of partner productivity, loyalty and results.

Key Features Include:

  • Training
  • Testing
  • Scoring
  • Certification
  • Specialization
  • Events Management

relayware coursewareCoursewareMore than an LMS

Finally, a structured training content management system that is designed for the channel. Relayware enables you to upload training materials in an array of multimedia formats, create multi-level logical hierarchies for modules, and easily manage all of your training content from one central location.

And Relayware's multi-format delivery enables channel partners to consume training materials in a way that works for them—whether following along in real-time, accessing content on-demand, or downloading materials to their tablet to read later.

relayware courseware

relayware examsExamsOne size fits one

Different partners have different testing needs. With Relayware, you can design, deploy and deliver the right tests to the right partners based on partner profiles. Relayware provides administrators full testing flexibility and partners intuitive, simple access to multi-format assessments. Assign time, pass and re-test limits—and view channel partner scores upon completion.

relayware partner certificationsPartner CertificationsChannel, certified

Increase the efficiency of certification and accreditation by setting up requirements and business rules, and dynamically issuing certificates to partners who have met all of the requirements. Relayware eliminates the need for manual management, so that your channel can get to work, faster.

Plus, enable your partners to track their progress to meeting accreditation and certification goals—both at an individual and company level.

relayware partner certification

relayware events managementEvents ManagementFace-to-face

Many of our customers have found that in-person training sessions play an integral role in boosting partner productivity. In addition to handling online and distance training content, Relayware provides partner event management—handling everything from invitations, registration, logistics and post-event training results for single courses and multi-day events.

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Nutanix's business objectives get a solution

We can only be successful if our partners are successful. We are investing a lot in enabling our partners. All of our training, enablement, sales tools, etc. across all geographies are available via the partner portal, which is why it is so important.

- Joan Morales.

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