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Partnering Automation

Is the management of your channel
partner program needlessly complex,
time consuming and inefficient?

The indirect sales channel can make or break your business.

But managing a vendor ecosystem is a challenge, and most vendors are in the dark about how their channel partners are performing. Relying on point solutions and homegrown systems leaves blind spots that cost partners deals and vendors money.

Historically, growing companies turned to Partner Relationship Management (PRM) as a strategy for managing their channel partners. PRM is characterized as:

  • A “CRM for Partners”
  • A Push Platform with Information Going To Partners
  • Bespoke Solutions
  • Monolithic Platform

Today, Partnering Automation is the key to unlocking partner productivity and boosting partner performance.

What is Partnering Automation?

As the next wave of innovation to drive more results from your indirect channel partners, partnering automation software helps companies recruit, on-board, optimize and analyze their indirect channel partner with sophisticated automated processes.

Partnering automation software makes it easy for vendors to nurture their channel partners with personalized and useful information from the nurturing stage to onboarding to training all the way through the sales cycle. This automation generates significant revenue from all partners and provides an excellent return on the channel investment.

Elevate your partnering process from a sloppy manual labor into an elegant science.

partner automation

Relayware’s Partnering Automation Solution Offers

  • Personalized partner content, training and support
  • Partnering training
  • Partner experience management
  • Sales and marketing automation for partners
  • Partner collaborative that is both social and interactive
  • Best partner management practices and processes right out of the box
  • Buy only the partner automation pieces you need today (e.g., a portal, sales, marketing and / or training solution) and expand as your partner program expands
  • Cloud-based

Whether you’re looking to improve training, overhaul sales enablement efforts, optimize sales and marketing, or understand how partners are performing, Relayware gives you an unparalleled opportunity to boost channel engagement and productivity.

Partner Up to hit new heights of channel productivity and get the most from your entire channel partner ecosystem!

partner packs

Boost Your Bottom Line with Partner Packs

Finally you can prove partner productivity and show return on your indirect channel investment—all through the power of the partner cloud

partner portal

Partner Portal
Boost Engagement

partner opportunities

Partner Sales
Boost Productivity

partner training

Partner Training
Boost Performance

partner marketing

Partner Marketing
Boost Loyalty

Our customers are reaching new heights in partner performance and ROI.

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