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Reflective Analysis Leads to Insightful Actions

Looking at 2015, do some reflective analysis to provide insight on the best course of actions ahead.

Relayware Partner Relationship Management

Reflective Analysis Leads to Insightful Actions

By Bob Mann, Relayware Executive Chairman

As you think ahead to 2015, a good first step is to do some reflective analysis that will provide you insight for the best course of actions ahead.

If growth and expansion are part of your organization’s goals, start with analyzing where your channel partners are succeeding and lagging behind your expectations. You may find that your company is selling well to some industries and not as well in one of your other target verticals. You may notice that partners with more employees certified by you are selling well, and partners with fewer certified professionals are fumbling more. If you want to expand your geography, again you need to understand not only where you are doing well currently but also where you are less effective. Look around for the partners of success and missed expectations.

Then, after you have this insightful analysis of successful partners vs. flagging partners, create an actionable plan for you and your partners. For this, use your analysis to get underneath the patterns of success.

Relayware offers a rich reporting tools to help you understand the data, who your partners are and what they need to be successful. This insightful intelligence then arms you to set up the next steps for success, and with Relayware, in just a few clicks you set up smart campaigns that urge the best behavior to lift your partners’ sales.