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Relayware at Its First ASAP Annual Summit

As a new member of the Association for Strategic Alliance Professionals, my Relayware colleague and I attended the group’s annual summit.

Relayware Partner Relationship Management

Relayware at Its First ASAP Annual Summit

By Mike Maturo

As a new member of the Association for Strategic Alliance Professionals, my Relayware colleague and I attended the group’s annual summit in Orlando, Florida in the midst of a brutal New York winter. As welcome as the warm temperatures and the sunshine, the trip brought much more value than just an escape.

We spent three days talking to and learning from a great variety of channel and strategic alliance professionals. Mike Leonetti, ASAP President, kicked off the conference with a rally around the importance of partnerships and the “great growth” that CEOs anticipate from strategic alliances.

In particular, Leonetti noted two major sentiments from among the 51% of CEOs who plan to enter into new strategic alliances this year. First, continuous improvement will continue to happen with better data. This information has been lacking, but as technology gets more deeply infused in alliance processes, more information is available for reflection and analysis. Second, there is a distinct need for a clear process upon which to build partnerships into corporate strategy, as opposed to being a second-thought add-on to sales infrastructure.

Relayware’s partnering automation solution is part of this answer. We met people from Citrix, Xerox and SUSE, among many other great companies that care deeply about their channel. These individuals immediately recognized the value that Relayware provides to customers and their partners. While there is a distinction between strategic partnerships and channel organizations, there is a common need to better connect with an increasing number of partners. Software opens the door for increased efficiency, greater revenue growth, and more valuable face-to-face conversations with the time gained from automation.

The summit was valuable for another reason: we are one of the first technology vendors at an ASAP summit. Through sessions like “Building Powerful Dashboards and Creating and Sustaining Productive Alliances,” we continued to learn firsthand what is most important to our potential clients. The face time was invaluable, and the association provides tremendous value to members. We are looking forward to being involved with this group.