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Relayware Partner Relationship Management

Relayware CEO Mike Morgan Defines & Explains Partnering Automation

Innovative channel software leaders update CRM magazine

Posted on September 25, 2014 by Allison Watters

Recently, Relayware CEO Mike Morgan sat down with CRM Magazine publisher Bob Fernekees to define “partnering automation” and explain how forward-thinking channel leaders are utilizing innovative, cloud-based software to automate all of the complex business processes that lie between them, their partners, and ultimately their customers. 

Watch the full video here.

Interview Highlights:

Mike Morgan: Relayware is a cloud service provider. We specialize in partnering automation solutions….It’s a segment of the market that was previously classified as partner relationship management or PRM, so named really to leverage the growth in the CRM market. But we tend to align it more with the markets, the established markets of sales and marketing automation, sales automation being focused on customer and contact management sales, pipeline management forecasting, and marketing automation being focused on marketing to and generating demand from customers.

Partnering automation focuses on sales and marketing automation and program automation specifically for companies’ partners. So our typical customer would be one who has an indirect sales channel made up out of dealers, resellers, wholesalers, retailers and VARs, and we supply them technology that helps them to automate all of the complex business processes that lie between them and their partners and then onto the customer.

Mike Morgan: “Partner Up” is a fun, new message that we’ve introduced to our marketing strategy this year. And it’s really all about encouraging our customers to start thinking more about partnering, to place partnering further up in the corporate agenda. “Partner Up” is a term that we use in sport, it’s a term that we use in our social lives really to reference partnering up, coming together, teaming up, working as a team, collaborating.

Mike Morgan: We think that probably between 70 and 80 percent of all commerce in the B2B space is done through indirect channels….Indirect channels offer companies ways of reaching a much larger market and augmenting their own offering to the customer in a very cost-effective way. Certainly, the vast majority of the products and services sold today to businesses are sold through indirect channels and the channels, far from diminishing or becoming unfashionable, are becoming very fashionable again. The need for technology such as ours to help companies manage those relationships is becoming more and more important.

Much more in the whole video. Happy watching!