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Checking out Technology Innovation

Checking out the latest in tech innovation at the Northside Innovation Festival

Relayware Partner Relationship Management

Checking out Technology Innovation

Posted on June 13 2016 By Mike Maturo

Friday, June 10, Brooklyn: In its eighth year, the Northside Innovation Festival I attended boasted dozens of sponsors, hundreds of participants, and more than 100 speakers discussing everything from the latest technology trends to productivity tools, from virtual reality to startup innovations.

I attended several talks and two that stood out were related to productivity and AI innovation. On the productivity front, you may know the tool Trello, an agile-workflow-inspired task board that helps people from all walks of work organize their time. CEO and Co-Founder Michael Pryor spoke at length about the software’s philosophy that agile methodology can be extended beyond programming. I look forward to trying it out.

Another powerful talk was from Huge CEO Aaron Shapiro on the coming AI revolution. Facebook, Google, and Amazon, among many others, are using artificial intelligence to shape the way we interact with the companies’ assets and pave the way for more engaging digital assistants. I am inspired to think about the possibilities for our own software – how we have the opportunity to make knowledge more easily and automatically accessible to our customers’ partners, by recommending content based on deal registrations, for example. Relayware automatically engages partners in many ways already and I can imagine how this might be expanded so that our customers’ partners not only have a tool but have an assistant to help them through the channel sales process.

This was an excellent opportunity to network with future-thinking people: I also attended talks about “creative capital in the venture capital world” and “the craft of future-making” among others. Special thanks to Relayware's management for creating the space to bring these insights and inspiration to Relayware. It was a valuable experience!

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