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Relayware Joins the Austin Tech Council

We are so excited to be new members of the Austin Tech Council.

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Relayware Joins the Austin Tech Council

Posted on June 29 2016 By Eric Tinn

Q: When did Relayware join the Austin Tech Council?

Eric: We are so excited to be new members of the Austin Tech Council. We joined in April and jumped right in to get to know the members with a happy hour on June 2nd.

Q: Tell me more about the ATC happy hour.

Eric: Relayware sponsored the ATC’s Mingle and Member Happy Hour, which was at the Mean Eyed Cat Bar. (If you’re not familiar with Austin, the name of this bar alone should give you some insight into what a cool city Austin is!) Professionals from 27 different companies attended, and it was a great opportunity to meet with some nice people who share a common commitment to the success of Austin, the ATC as well as its members.

Besides the fun of comparing notes of cool restaurants and bars in the area, the event initiated some exciting conversations about channel challenges and growth opportunities.

Q: What is the value of the Austin Technology Council to members?

Eric: Relayware joined the ATC to be more involved in the Austin tech community. We have customers in Texas, and this is a great way to get to know the people and the heartbeat of what makes their community unique.

Part of the reason we chose the ATC was because of the commitment and support we felt from the ATC leadership. For example, as a result of the event and ATC’s leadership support, I’ve made numerous connections and am already helping people by sharing our best practices for channel success.

Q: Who are the members of the Austin Technology Council?

Eric: All kinds of great tech companies from Google to Relayware customer Gemalto.

ATC also has very strong partnership, such as the City of Austin and SXSW.

Q: When will Relayware be back in Austin?

Eric: Relayware is committed to becoming a larger presence and more involved in Austin so I look forward to being there on a frequent basis.

Q: How will Relayware stay involved with the ATC?

Eric: We will continue to be actively involved by attending and sponsoring events where it makes sense as well as helping to promote their cause when able.

Q: Is Relayware involved in any other technology councils?

Eric: Actually, we are. We are also a member of the New Jersey Tech Council, and we are part of a webinar they are putting on coming up on June 28th.

It’s another great group of local tech professionals, who are devoted to New Jersey’s growth in the tech sector. NJ actually offers attractive tax benefits to tech companies, so it’s a strong and growing community.