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Relayware Prioritizes Ensuring Customers’ Data Is Secure

Relayware completes SOC 2 type II Examination

Relayware Partner Relationship Management

Relayware Prioritizes Ensuring Customers’ Data Is Secure

Today, we announced that we completed the SOC 2 Type II Examination – something that sounds geeky and maybe even esoteric. But this is just yet another way Relayware demonstrates its commitment to data security.

Relayware’s partner relationship management solution is the heart and brains of many channel partner programs, and it’s essential that we ensure strong information integrity.

The SOC 2 Type II examination is important for service providers like Relayware to demonstrate that they have critical procedures, controls and processes in place to protect systems and client information. SOC 2 is fast becoming the industry standard for documenting security infrastructures and services, because it puts explicit, stringent requirements and guidelines in place for leading service providers to adopt. Our customers can have complete confidence that their company and their channel partners’ critical data are strictly controlled and protected in accordance with these very high industry standards.

We are especially proud because we completed the examination without exceptions, meaning that Relayware completed the exam the first time without requiring any corrections.