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Relayware Simplifies Partnering Process With New Version of PRM Software

Relayware’s new features for 2016 provide users with a newly redesigned, responsive user interface (UI) to enable them to manage their partner relationships wherever they are, using any smart device or PC.

Relayware Partner Relationship Management

Relayware Simplifies Partnering Process With New Version of Partner Relationship Management Software

Relayware’s Recent Updates Deliver a New User Experience, 360-Degree View of Partner Relationships and Closer Integration With Other Business Applications

JERSEY CITY, New Jersey and OXFORD, England — June 20, 2016Relayware, a Partner Relationship Management (PRM) software provider that accelerates channel revenue growth, today announced a series of updates to its comprehensive PRM system, Relayware 2016. Relayware’s new features for 2016 provide users with a newly redesigned, responsive user interface (UI) to enable them to manage their partner relationships wherever they are, using any smart device or PC.

“For some time now, Relayware has provided channel partners with quick and easy mobile access to information from vendors,” said Relayware Chief Product Officer, Veronica Brunwin. “And now vendors have the same capability. Whether they’re on the road or in the office, by using Relayware 2016, businesses can review, manage and communicate with their partners, taking control of channel programs wherever they’re working, to accelerate the growth of channel revenues.”

Using Relayware 2016, companies can optimize the partnering process and give partners every resource and program they need to succeed. The software suite offers a configurable single view of partner sales, marketing and training processes, with a self-service approach that empowers business professionals with greater control.

Relayware 2016 includes many powerful new features that streamline the partner experience, including:

New User Experience

  • A fluid responsive design, powered by HTML5 and CSS3, improves accessibility and ease-of-use with a cleaner interface.
  • New tablet-friendly layouts are designed to be visually appealing, function more smoothly and provide faster input.
  • Standardized styles ensure a cohesive look-and-feel and seamless transition between all devices.

Greater Control and an Enhanced Personalization Options

  • Customers now have an enhanced set of visibility controls to easily provide access to content for specific users, user groups, and countries.
  • With a brand new style template, partner portal configuration and the creation of co-branded content is faster than ever.
  • Support for single sign-on and centralized identity management via SAML 2.0 and OAuth 2.0 enables customers to centralize authentication and authorization, and provide partners with access to multiple applications with ease via the Relayware partner portal.

New Measurement, Enablement and Security Features

  • With Partner Activity Scoring, partner success can be measured not merely in terms of revenue achieved and training success, but by measuring the softer aspects of engagement as well. Scores can be applied for a range of purposes - to benchmark partner activity, set and monitor engagement targets, manage program entitlements, etc.
  • An enhanced online knowledge base provides on-demand help for all users, plus valuable new training and marketing materials, such as the latest user guides, how-to tutorials, video walkthroughs and white papers.
  • Security enhancements and regular vulnerability patches protect against the injection of malicious code and keep partner data secure.

“The new features of Relayware will augment engagement with our channel partners,” said Matt Tandy, Senior Manager, Marketing Operations of Scott Safety, a Tyco company. “With even easier set-up and greater control, we’ll be able to derive more detailed insights from our data and be more agile in responding to partner needs, and these user experience improvements will ensure that our partner marketing and sales teams are as productive as possible."

“Partner engagement is critical when assessing the ROI of channel ecosystems,” said Laz Gonzalez, Group Service Director for Channel Strategies of SiriusDecisions. “Using a PRM system to establish constant connectivity with partners has enormous benefits for channel-driven businesses. Not only does it keep an enterprise top-of-mind, it encourages alignment between vendors and partners, producing greater partner loyalty and adoption.”

About Relayware

Relayware is a global provider of Partner Relationship Management (PRM) software and services that produce valuable insights and bring organizations closer to their partners, providing visibility into partner effectiveness, improving training and empowering partners to reach their potential. Its software distills years of channel expertise into an automated system that gives partners everything they need to succeed, with sales, marketing and training packs and partner portals that streamline revenue-generating processes and boost the productivity of indirect channels.

For more information, visit www.Relayware.com or connect with it on its blog, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Media Contact: Allison Watters; Allison.Watters@Relayware.com; 201-433-2534