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Relayware System Test Team

My fellow System Test Team colleagues readily take on challenges that are not in our defined roles and functions

Relayware Partner Relationship Management

Relayware System Test Team

Posted on October 5, 2016 By Ryan Letley

Have you ever noticed when there is a lurch in improvement?

It could be when a sleepy country catches starts experiencing significant GDP growth (i.e. Ethiopia), or an under-the-radar company comes out with amazing innovation like ‘Bolt’ who have started to market a smart mobile-phone charger for motorbikes. You didn’t even realize they were in the race, and then they were suddenly ahead?

When I see this, I immediately wonder, “What was the catalyst?” Interestingly, it’s not always hardship. There are many things that stimulate progress, which is what fascinates and inspires me.

Taking this philosophical question internally, I consider how we can make the Relayware System Test Team even better and bounce forward our progress.

Let me tell you about areas that have energized our evolution. We have a great, top-notch product quality manager, a new visionary CTO and we have a new CEO who is credible, competent and caring. With great individuals such as these underlying our success, we have great team dynamics which will empower each player.

Impressively, my fellow System Test Team colleagues readily take on challenges – challenges that are not in our defined roles and functions. We are all eager to create the very best partner relationship management solution there is and best serve our customers. We have very healthy, vigorous discussions encouraging action. It’s an incredibly rewarding environment to be a part of. And it plays a huge part in what springs forward the incredible breakthroughs here.