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Partnering Perspectives

Every day we're out there helping our customers better their partner relationships. Enjoy hearing from our channel experts who have an ear to the ground and who are sharing their latest commentary, musings and advice.


Instead of focusing on attempting to lift an entire channel partner organization, which typically has a number of professionals working on your behalf, find the individual B players and increase their productivity.
Understand how to make the portal more effective by making the content more effective
Understand how content is being consumed and which content has a result
Discover the correlation between their profitability and the rate of certifications they’ve earned
Better allocation of funds to the right partners as time progresses
On the day Relayware rolls out a new website, we’re pleased to wish CSS a happy birthday. Couldn’t do it without you!
How and why I'm using Relayware's platform for sales and marketing
Relayware raised over $300, and the women enjoyed 19 treats in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month
The combination of these KPIs will tell you the power of a partner, and you can assess their relative strength in a particular geography or vertical
Common complaints from channel marketers, partner managers, and even CMOs and CEOs fall into three categories: technological, behavioral, and portal.
Common complaints from channel marketers, partner managers, and even CMOs and CEOs fall into three categories: technological, behavioral, and portal.
Channel partner professionals have their priorities (increasing channel sales), and I have mine – making it easy for them to get their job done as effortlessly as possible.
Partner account planning (or business planning) is the cornerstone to higher partner performance. However, often it’s an often-overlooked part of the process.
One comprehensive PRM system makes it easier for partners to access channel resources
Relayware is very pleased to be among this year’s “20 Most Promising Networking Solution Providers 2015.”
If you’re using spreadsheets to manage your partner program, you don’t get it.
As Relayware configuration engineers, we work hard to create the ideal experience for Relayware customers and their partners.
As a new member of the Association for Strategic Alliance Professionals, my Relayware colleague and I attended the group’s annual summit.
Relayware will cotninue to be like a strong oak tree, and the Relayware character is how we are known for being a dependable market leader.
I was really impressed with the collaborative spirit of ASAP members, and we look forward to continuing to learn from this intelligent community.
Relayware’s entire business is centered on improving relationships. It’s something we care deeply about – in every corner of our organization.
We work with our customers so they understand the best channel partner practices and processes.
At Relayware we prioritize balancing cutting edge technology with an easy-to-use experience for our customers.
GE Oil & Gas is working with Relayware to transform their partner experience
How Relayware is helping advance Adaptive Insights Channel Program Advance Sales
We all help each other Partner Up to help you Partner Up.
When you work with Relayware, you know that everyone here is working to help you improve partner performance.
Relayware is a finalist in three categories in the ninth annual Stevie® Awards for Sales & Customer Service
When using a CRM solution, such as Salesforce.com, to manage your channel partners, it quickly becomes cost prohibitive to provide every single one of your channel sales professionals with a Salesforce.com license. This is not the case with a solution like Relayware.
Consider these questions to evaluate how well you really know your channel partners
Merging development and operations helps create a positive customer experience
Partner Up with Relayware and reach new heights with your channel partner program
Realize significant savings over time by reducing repetitive efforts that are devoted to developing, testing, deploying and maintaining applications
What ties channel partner motivation is collaborating with your partners.
Gamefication’s biggest benefit is in encouraging indirect channel personnel to engage in more mundane but important activities that help the vendor or the wider ecosystem.
Help girls pursue careers in technology for greater companies and products
Previously in this series, I drilled down into what sustains channel partner engagement and why it’s valuable. Today, I’m going to cover two types of effective motivators -- financial compensation and social reward.
For many reading my posts on partner engagement, you aren’t starting from scratch. You have current partners that you need to lift, so they will be more successful and you will see greater return.
the very best channel partner programs are when the CIO and CMO collaborate.
As a starting point for reviewing your partners’ motivation and applicable incentives, take a look at your current behaviors, attitudes and systems as they relate to channel engagement to start your thought process.
It’s essential that those of us in IT act as a contributing partner to every department or we’ll be left out and left behind.
How partner engagement will ensure your partners stay with you and continue to produce revenue for you.
Frederick Herzberg developed a theory that job satisfaction and job dissatisfaction may work independently of each other.
Looking at 2015, do some reflective analysis to provide insight on the best course of actions ahead.
The Agile Manifesto should be adopted by today’s IT departments and their interactions with other colleagues.
We know that 30 percent of the sales came from leads generated by the company, and the partners generate leads for the remaining 70 percent of the revenue.
How IT can consider the Marketing department's needs and productively work together.
In my previous post, I focused on engaging a partner in the first 30 days. Now, I’ll share with you other areas to increase partner engagement, and therefore partner revenue.
People have a propensity to delete emails, and you have to capture them immediately to prove you are providing value. Just like you, your partners are bombarded with 100s of messages every day.
Common complaints from channel marketers, partner managers, and even CMOs and CEOs fall into three categories: technological, behavioral, and portal.
According to published research by companies like WordStream the ad click-through rates achieved by Google versus Facebook has Google leading by a factor of x8.
Here at Relayware, the software test team is seen as essential to making a great product.
Consider these two approaches to drive transformative improvement in your channel program.
When you reach the milestone of 100 partners, know the answers to these 5 questions.
By changing a few habits, you can easily get motivated, recharge and help all those folks depending on you. Here are some of my tips to supercharge your productivity in 5 minutes
Our own chief product officer, Veronica Brunwin, has been named a finalist in the 11th annual Stevie® Awards for Women in Business.
We have a lot to celebrate here at Relayware. As we are expanding our partnering automation software offerings, we’ve seen tremendous growth
Relayware CEO Mike Morgan sat down with CRM Magazine publisher Bob Fernekees to define “partnering automation”
Controlling the customer journey and experience when you don’t really own the customer
Your channel program is directly involved in shaping the customer experience
Work with existing partners to make them better at selling your products
Study reports 14.6 % increase in productivity for sales people using mobile apps
Simplify training, deal registration, lead management and marketing support through your portal
Training is one of the critical concerns for businesses selling through the channel.
Communicating too little with partners is a problem, but so is communicating too much.
Partners and vendors surveyed on the coming year’s objectives and projections
Investment that result in increased loyalty and, over time, higher revenues
The episode “129 Cars” highlights how car manufacturers incentivize dealerships
The real trick is to understand your partners, your partners’ motivations
Understand your partners’ relationships with you and their satisfaction with you
Visibility into your incentive programs tells you how far you are from the target
To foster channel partner loyalty, create a good partner support experience
Provide assistance and education to all partners that maps to their current and potential future value to your business
Using the correct tools for the job. CRM for customers & PRM for partners
Relayware is strongest overall, performing best in aggregate between the metrics of strength of current offering and strategy.
Lenovo deployed Relayware to manage its worldwide channel operations and partner portals
your resellers and partners wish you were easier to do business with
If you are a vendor, start by enlisting the entire village to help fulfill the needs of each newcomer
The communication and collaboration features of the next-gen PRM systems are a natural fit with the indirect channel ecosystem.
o reap the full benefit of social technologies, organizations must transform their structures, processes, and cultures
Be mindful that an increasing amount of time is spent using mobile apps as opposed to mobile browsers
Clearly communicate the rules and benefits of engagement to your indirect sales channel. Give them the flexibility to choose when, where, and how they engage as each situation fits their unique image and what it is that they want to be known for.
Do your channel marketing efforts still revolve around partner portals, weekly email blasts, and the desktop/laptop user?
The Indirect Sales Channel Is Already Conditioned To Adopt “Public” Game Mechanics. They Just Need The Platform
The Relayware team have returned from SugarCon 2012 in San Francisco after our first year of sponsoring the event. It was attended by around a thousand SugarCRM customers, partners and developers and spanned three days. It’s a unique blend of …