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Do you want to drive effective channel marketing campaigns and generate incremental sales through effective channel communications?

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At last, a solution that offers a direct linkage between you, your customers and your indirect channel!

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Channel Marketing Programs

Do you want to drive effective channel marketing campaigns and generate incremental sales through effective channel communications?


You want to talk to your channel partners but…

  • What methods should you use and what works best?
  • How can your messages be customized and personalized?
  • How can you ensure that the content is relevant to the individual?
  • How can you ensure that your partner marketing communications are timely?
  • Are your audience listening?
  • How do you know?
  • How do you measure ROI?

It is likely that your company distributes many communications to your channel but are these communications coordinated? A lack of information about your channel can lead to a ‘one-for-all’ channel marketing communications strategy and can make it impossible to personalize and customize channel communications and tailor them to the individual. This in turn impacts the relevance of your communications. Additionally, out-of date information can mean that your channel marketing communications never reach the intended recipient in the first place.
Do you have the means to track your channel’s receipt of channel marketing communications? Do you know whether or not they were read or heard? Can you assess whether and when they were acted upon?
Relayware has the solution.

Relayware Provides You With the Means to Collaborate and Communicate with the Best Channel Partners

Manage Content Creation and Approval Process

Relayware’s powerful content management functionality enables you to author or import content from multiple sources for integration into your portal or discrete communications. The system further provides the means to submit that content to an automated approvals process. As well as ensuring that your content is endorsed, such a process can also be used to draw in content from around your organization which may be timely or have a common message or goal thereby consolidating your channel marketing communications and maximizing their impact.

Highly Customizable and Personalized Multi-Channel Communications

Whether your channel marketing communications are to be via your portal, mobile app, social media, email, SMS or conventional mail, we provide you with the means to create them using Relayware templates or creating them from scratch with customized content and personalized messaging. You can tailor the precise nature of your communication to your audience depending upon the profile of the individual recipient.

Multiple Mediums, Mobile, Social, EMail and Portals

The days of creating monthly hard-copy product literature, price lists and newsletters is behind us. But Relayware’s channel marketing communications capabilities allow you to create offline communications as well as online communications together with social media, mobile, email and text messaging to get your message across to your audience via the medium they prefer.

Multiple Languages

Relayware is in use by thousand’s of users and hundred’s of thousands of partners across 100 countries and in 34 languages worldwide today and has full multi-language support wherever you need to deploy it.

Track Recipient Interaction

Within minutes of issuing an email, social or push-to-mobile communication to your channel, Relayware will begin to compile a detailed analysis of receipts, delivery failures, dead emails, unsubscribe’s etc allowing you to perform remedial cleansing of your database. More importantly, it will tell you who opened your communication, when and what they did next – opened the attachment or clicked through to your portal, for example – and compile all of this data in the form of a report.

Know What’s Working and What’s Not

Armed with your communication analysis and reports, you will quickly ascertain which messages are having the desired result and which are not. Learn from your experiences and modify your approach to maximize the impact and success of your communications strategy.

Measure Return on Investment

Knowing how to optimize the effectiveness of your channel marketing strategy means knowing how to turn simple marketing communications into sales and Relayware can help you to achieve just that.
We not only help you to become a better communicator, we help you to directly generate more sales as a result!

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