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Partner Performance Optimization

Do you want to engage in effective joint business planning with your channel, monitor and manage the performance of individual channel partners and take rapid and decisive remedial action?

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Partner Performance Optimization

Do you want to engage in effective joint business planning with your channel, monitor and manage the performance of individual channel partners and take rapid and decisive remedial action?


You want to measure and optimize the performance of your channel but…

  • How can you plan for success?
  • How should you measure success?
  • How do you know who is selling what to whom and when?
  • How do you know who is performing?
  • How do you know who is not?
  • What factors are affecting performance?
  • How do you monitor and change behavior?

You may have a channel business plan but have your channel partners signed up to it? What is their role in achieving the plan, do they understand it and are they committed to delivering? You may want to engage in joint business planning but you are unsure how to do it, which channel partners to plan with and how should you manage the ongoing review process. You know what products you are selling to your distributors or first tier channel partners but do you know what their customers are selling and to whom? What defines success anyway and how do you know who is contributing and who is not? Why not and what means do you have at your disposal to do something about it?

Relayware has the solution.

How Relayware can Help

We provide you with the means to develop and retain the best channel partners:

Collaborative Business Planning

Solid planning is invariably the key to achieving one’s goals and collaborative planning with your channel enhances your chance of success still further. We provide you with a framework and a methodology for joint planning. Additionally, we can provide the tools to facilitate online plan creation and integration within partner profiles, sales pipeline tracking and forecasting. The combination of our methodology and systems will avoid your planning activities being merely a ‘process’ and more a framework for executing a strategy.
By embedding joint business plans within partner profiles within your database, we can facilitate secure online plan sharing, editing and review so your channel partners can develop their plans and they can be reviewed by account managers and key stakeholders in your company.

Monitoring Performance Against Plan

Plan metrics can be defined as criteria upon which alerts, reminders and actions can be issued by Relayware. This will give you the opportunity to respond with remedial action as required and implement contingencies in order to stay on track.

Sales Forecasting and Pipeline Management

Relayware offers the facility for multi-dimensional forecasting, by account manager or sales team, by channel partner, by product, by geography – you define the format – Relayware provides the data and the analysis you need to manage your business.

Gather, Process and Analyze Sales Out data

We can extract sales in data from your ERP systems, and establish sell-through and inventory data feeds into Relayware from your distributors. We can even gather sales out data from your individual channel partners in any format and process and integrate this data into your partner and customer databases. The results can be consolidated into a periodic sales-out report. Sales out data is useful for many applications including performance monitoring, forecasting, product management, MDF accrual and incentive management.

Track Sales Performance by Channel Partner by Product

By cross referencing sales out data, we can assess individual sales performance by product, by channel partner and even by customer and help you to take the necessary remedial sales and marketing actions.

Target inventory hot-spots

Sales in, sales out and inventory data feeds will allow RelayWare to identify inventory ‘hot-spots’ – aged, excess or end of life product which needs to be sold. Remedial action such as tactical marketing campaigns, channel communications and incentive can then be implemented before the inventory becomes a liability for you or for your channel partners.

Selectively Motivate or Incentivize your Channel Partners

We allow you to integrate information from multiple data sources including internal ERP and external sales-out feeds to quickly ascertain which channels and individuals are performing and which are not and whether a targeted incentive program is required to facilitate a sales or marketing campaign or simply to take remedial action, Relayware offers you the capabilities to build, communicate and mange such a program from promotion and participant registration through to sales tracking and verification, points allocation and redemption. With our network of partners we can offer best practice in program design and the sourcing and fulfillment of incentive rewards.

Ensure That Leads Go to Closers

Sales leads are too valuable to go to waste. Relayware not only facilitates the delivery of leads to your channel partners via email, mobile app or your portal but by analyzing lead-closure track records and channel partner profiles, it ensures that leads are given only to those channel partners best suited and most likely to close them. This maximize your chances of lead conversion and acts as an incentive and reward to consistent closers.

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