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Recruitment Programs

Do you want to recruit channel partners with a compelling, differentiated channel program?

Recruitment Programs

Do you want to recruit channel partners with a compelling, differentiated channel program?


You want to recruit and retain the best and most appropriate channel partners to your channel program but…

  • How do you design a competitive channel program?
  • What is your value proposition?
  • Which channel partners should you recruit?
  • Where should you look to recruit them?
  • What medium should you use to recruit them?
  • What role can your distributors play?
  • How should you manage the validation, qualification and approval processes?
  • How do you measure ROI?

Channel programs should be a vehicle for the delivery of your value proposition to your channel but building one – especially one which helps to differentiate you from your competition – can be difficult. Which channel partners should you target for recruitment and where will you find them? How do you embark on a recruitment campaign? Your current recruitment activities may employ manual and disjointed processes; invitations to recruitment events, unconnected web landing pages, qualification by telemarketing, mailing of information packs – but how can you integrate and automate them?
When your channel partners want to sign up, how can you simplify and automate the application and approvals processes?
Relayware has the solution.

How Can Relayware Help You?

Relayware can provide you with the means to recruit and retain the best and most appropriate partners:

Recruitment Campaign Communications

We can provide you with the systems, tools and templates necessary to generate everything from individual, personalized messages right through to mass-mailing campaigns in a matter of minutes. What is more, we will enable you to measure your campaign’s success by tracking recipient behaviors.

Qualification & Validation

Your successful recruitment campaign will result in a large number of program applications. Respondents can be directed to your partner portal or to download your mobile app. Alternatively, we can build an integrated partner portal as an external user interface for Relayware or simply construct “landing pages” for you. We can use these means to qualify and validate respondents against our selection criteria before proceeding with their application.

Streamline Review and Approval Process

Once we have qualified and validated applications, we can automate the management of these applications and streamline the process of reviewing, accepting and declining them.

Contracting & program registration

Once company applicants have been approved, they must be notified and contracted either on- or off-line. Personal applications from channel employees can be easily enrolled online through your partner portal, mobile app or landing page user interfaces to Relayware.


Adopting Relayware as your partner portal engine will allow seamless integration of your channel database with a single login to your portal. This will improve ease of use and channel satisfaction and will also facilitate the process of self-profiling at or shortly after log-in to ensure that your data stays rich and your database stays current.

Retention and termination

Your aim will be to retain performing program participants and we will help you to ensure that you maximize your return on investments made throughout the recruitment process but it is
not always possible to select and retain the very best channels first time around. Should any of your enrolled channel partners breach their contract with you or fail to meet your performance criteria, our systems will provide decision support with their optional live data feeds and simplify the process of taking remedial action or even termination.

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