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Solutions for the Telecommunications Industry


Multi-Channel Communications and Collaboration for Specialists in Communication

Relayware specializes in the development and deployment of Cloud-based B2B collaboration and multi-channel communication solutions. Within the telecoms industry, the most crucial external relationships that companies have are with their indirect channel which can be made up by organizations as diverse as MNO’s, MVNO’s, distributors, resellers, dealers and retailers. There are a number of software systems designed to manage the transactional elements of a telecommunications company’s relationship with these intermediaries but Relayware goes far beyond their capabilities focusing instead on facilitating effective collaboration and multi-channel communication.

Relayware automates and streamlines all aspects of the relationship lifecycle between you and these intermediaries from selection and segmentation, recruitment and onboarding, training and enablement through incentivization, collaboration, service and support and performance management and optimization, not to mention the provision of a host of powerful tools for multi-channel communication throughout.

Relayware is unquestionably the most powerful, most comprehensive, most modular, most proven and most cost effective solution on the market today. It provides our customers with tools and automation for every conceivable indirect channel program deliverable. It delivers enterprise-class performance in an easy-to-buy, easy-to-use SaaS package. The functionality offered by each of the Relayware Editions is fulfilled by a range of powerful tools designed to cater for all of your needs:


Relayware features full social network integration with the leading social platforms including LinkedIn and Facebook. This enables a host of great features including quick and easy registration with social ID’s, profile synchronization, automated social media updates and notifications and coming soon, Relay social re-communication – push your messages to and through your intermediaries and into their own social networks. Learn more ➤➤


Relayware’s mobile app for iOS and Android offers a broad range of revenue performance management, program management and communication features to enable you to engage and collaborate with your distribution channels whenever and wherever they are. From news feeds, social media and activity streams to sales opportunity management, opportunity registration and training, the Relayware Mobile App has it all. Learn more ➤➤


With an integrated enterprise-class Content Management System (CMS), Relayware enables you to build, deploy and manage fully customizable, content-rich portals, extranets and websites for your distribution channels that are packed full of powerful self-service program automation features. No templates, no limitations and no need to call us to make changes. Relayware portals deliver a personalized experience to each visitor ensuring that their access to content corresponds to their profile and preferences. Learn more ➤➤


Select, segment, target and recruit your indirect channels with Relayware’s powerful profiling and score-carding tools. Then go on to registration, self-profiling and manual, automated or semi-automated approval processes and time- and event-triggered onboarding campaigns designed to ensure your intermediaries are prepared for training and development. Relayware also handles intermediary contracts and esigning. Learn more ➤➤


Relayware offers the broadest range of collaboration solutions beyond the enterprise from sales and marketing campaign collaboration and training and enablement to forums, ecosystem networking, surveys and crowdsourcing, file-sharing, joint-business planning and joint-performance management, reporting and dashboards; Relayware has it all. Learn more ➤➤

Multi-Channel Communication

Relayware enables you to communicate with your indirect channels wherever, whenever and however you need to. Email with non-stop click-to-destination links to your portal and full track and trace, content- and feature-rich portals, extranets and websites with mobile-ready responsive design, social push-communications, updates and notifications, activity streams and a unique mobile app – Relayware is without limitation. Learn more ➤➤


Relayware turns indirect sales channels into extensions of your own direct sales force with a range of features from providing information, tools and resources via a range of communication mediums to lead distribution, opportunity management and deal registration. And for those companies with recurring sales models, Relayware even supports license and subscription renewal automation. And with integration all of your sales data can be seamlessly integrated with your CRM system. Learn more ➤➤


Market to, through and with your indirect channels and ensure they function as extensions of your own marketing organization and executors of your own marketing strategy. Share your latest information and provide powerful marketing tools and resources online or on the move with Relayware portals and Relayware Mobile. Collaborate on joint marketing initiatives and co-fund their activities with fully-automated MDF and similar programs. Learn more ➤➤

Demand Generation

Relayware’s multi-channel communication tools enable you to drive and manage direct and online marketing campaigns, generate leads, distribute leads and channel demand direct to your intermediaries using a range of features including our online locator tools. Relayware’s powerful, user-customizable reporting suite enables you to assess the effectiveness both of your campaigns and the performance of your indirect channel in closing associated sales. Learn more ➤➤

Lead Management

Sales leads are hard-won and tremendously valuable to you and especially to your indirect channel. What counts is qualification and careful matching of lead attributes to intermediary – to ensure a great fit. Relayware enables you to manage both and then handles targeted distribution to a named intermediary sales person via a wide choice of communication mediums. They can then follow up and update you on their progress online or via their mobile device. Learn more ➤➤

Deal Registration

As important as sales leads are, the chances are that your indirect channel generates more sales opportunities than you do. Relayware helps you to build a holistic sales pipeline containing the opportunities you generate and the ones your indirect channel generates by facilitating online or mobile deal registration via a browser or the Relayware Mobile app. Whoever generates the leads, Relayware manages the synchronization back into your CRM system. Learn more ➤➤


Whether you run offline or online events or a combination of both, Relayware enables you to create, profile and manage events, send invitations and handle online registration. Events can be linked to campaigns and their statistics reported upon using Relayware’s flexible and customizable reporting tools. Learn more ➤➤


Whether you want to deliver short ad hoc video updates or manage a sophisticated rules-based certification and accreditation hierarchy, Relayware provides the answer. That’s because Relayware goes far beyond the capabilities of mere LMS’s to enable you to manage curricula and associated courses, modules and courseware. Each can be tied to personal certification and company accreditation via configurable rules. Relayware supports training content in any popular multimedia form or sourced from content creation software and is fully compliant with SCORM standards. Learn more ➤➤

Joint Marketing

Relayware enables marketers to collaborate with their peers in their indirect channel by providing access to a wide variety of marketing content, assets and materials online. It automates joint marketing, co-op marketing and rebate programs and MDF programs and facilitates online customization of marketing collateral for personalization by your indirect channels and their marketing teams for use in their own campaigns. Learn more ➤➤


Indirect channel incentive programs take many forms. From personal points-based reward programs, to loyalty schemes and company-centric incentive and performance management rebate programs, Relayware handles them all. With its integrated multi-channel communication tools, Relayware also ensure that your incentive participants are always kept up to date on their goals and their performance. Learn more ➤➤



Relayware enables users to create their own custom reports from any data held within the Relayware database. This feature offers full drag and drop to design listings and charts and size multiple reports to appear on one page to form a dashboard. Reports can be time-scheduled and shared and all reports and dashboards can be displayed in both the internal UI for internal users and on your portal for intermediary use. Learn more ➤➤


When managing a direct sales and marketing organization, optimizing performance through effective management reporting, analysis and targeted remedial action is essential. When your sales and marketing are carried out by an indirect channel, performance optimization can be challenging if not impossible. Relayware makes it easy. With all of your indirect channel data, programs and communication channels on a single integrated platform, all of the data is at your fingertips and Relayware’s easy to use customizable reporting tools ensure that decisions can be made rapidly and improvements can be implemented immediately. Learn more ➤➤

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