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Why You Need Relayware?

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Why You Need Relayware?


It seems an obvious statement to make, however whilst adopting an indirect channel strategy brings many benefits in terms of cost, reach and solution augmentation, it brings with it many challenges not faced when selling through a direct sales force:

  • Lack of control
  • Lack of accountability
  • Lack of influence
  • Limited association between investment and return

This is because the modern relationship between a company and their indirect channel has changed immeasurably in the last decade. Traditional single- or two-tier channel sales models have matured into complex intermediary ecosystems:

Successful companies must find ways to communicate with, manage and coordinate the activities of the members of this ecosystem if they are to leverage it effectively. But the challenges don’t end there. The relationship with an intermediary itself follows a complex lifecycle:

The customer lifecycle is generally well understood and leads to a purchase and repeat business. The intermediary lifecycle is inherently more complex, less often well executed, program-enabled and data-, collaboration- and communications-centric. A well executed intermediary lifecycle management strategy:

  • Identifies the right intermediary, in the right place with the right products and services to address your target markets
  • Assists in segmentation and targeting
  • Supports effective recruitment and on-boarding
  • Necessitates structured learning, enablement and certification
  • Requires ongoing, targeted incentivization and long-term strategic loyalty development
  • Facilitates truly collaborative sales, marketing and customer support activity
  • Supported by 24×7 access to communications, information, tools and resources
  • Requiring continual performance management
  • Leading to performance optimization
  • And a continuation of the cycle

Just as CRM was designed to automate sales and marketing processes associated with the management of the customer lifecycle, PRM systems designed to automate sales and marketing programs associated with the management of a intermediary lifecycle. Relayware is designed to perform the tasks of the most powerful PRM system plus additionally handle indirect channel revenue performance management, collaboration and multi-channel communication.

Failure to execute a holistic collaboration and multi-channel communication strategy that addresses the intermediary lifecycle holistically leads to a host of serious problems that we encounter time and time again – problems that no mere CRM or PRM system can solve.


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