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Starting New Customer Relationships Right

We work with our customers so they understand the best channel partner practices and processes.

Relayware Partner Relationship Management

Starting New Customer Relationships Right

By Michael Hutchinson, Relayware Business Analyst

Last week, I headed out to Silicon Valley for a three-day kick-off meeting with a software company, one of our many new customers. These are always invigorating meetings. It’s exciting to help a company on their journey to accelerating the growth of their channel program.

Like many of our customers, this software company is focused on delivering a quick, easy and agile system. Their domain expertise has resulted in building a successful partner ecosystem with many key hardware, software and Silicon Valley players. The company's channel partners span 15 countries across four continents. Their collaborative and effective partner program allows the company to be very successful providing software to some of the largest data centers in the world.

We will be doing a lot with this software company, including a new partner portal to provide deal registration and lead sharing functionality. We’re also replacing their learning management system. There’s much more to come, and this was just the initial focus in this kick-off session.

In meetings like these, we work with our customers so they understand the best channel partner practices and processes, which are offered by Relayware. We also want to make sure that both Relayware and our customers are on the same page, so that the Relayware system is implemented the best way possible to satisfy our customers’ business needs and consequently drives their business success.

The reason this software company chose Relayware is to make it easier for them to drive more revenue through their channel partners. They’ll accomplish this by working with their existing partners to bring in more sales as well as bring on new partners to broaden their customer footprint. These partners will experience a more automated and intuitive deal and lead management process.

I’m really excited to enable companies to blast off with Relayware!