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The Art of Partnering Up

We all help each other Partner Up to help you Partner Up.

Relayware Partner Relationship Management

The Art of Partnering Up

By Jake White, Relayware Technical Author

What is art? A painting hung high in the Louvre? The melodic tones of a 2-part symphony? A beautiful ballet performance? Or something else?

I looked up the definition on Google and found “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form.”

I would add to that. Art is a form of fulfilment. We are brought together by art, fuelled by its connection and inspired by its purpose.

By this estimation, there is an art to Partnering Up, and I consider the Relayware platform a masterpiece.

Let me explain.

I’m a technical author here at Relayware, and I strive to deliver accurate, understandable content across all platforms. That’s why I make it my duty to explore every crack, nook and crevice of the Relayware platform. 

If I were to visualize Relayware I would see a huge mansion with many, many rooms for absolutely everything you can imagine. While my imaginary Relayware mansion would be vast in size and depth, it would also be easy to navigate.

Like a mansion, it’s not a feature or a function that makes the Relayware platform shine, just like it’s not a single room in a mansion that can hold up the rest of the building. We have an incredibly robust product that enables professionals in channel sales, channel marketing and channel operations all do their jobs and drive company revenue – there's a room for everyone in this mansion.

The reason Relayware is such a masterpiece is because of the incredibly talented people we have here. From the creative prowess of the front-end web developers to the determined graft of the testing teams, this mansion of a product is built with care, from the foundation to the paint. Further, with this team, you know the future of Relayware is in good hands, and we have a lot of great new features in store.

There’s never a dull moment here, that’s for sure, and I’m glad I’ve been given an opportunity to work with such a dedicated team of inspiring people. Actually, we all help each other Partner Up to help you Partner Up. (Am I pushing the metaphor too far? ? )