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Relayware Partner Relationship Management

Benefits of Relayware

A thriving channel is critical for companies that want to scale, be that into new verticals or new geographies. The bottom line is that indirect channels are essential for growth.

However, managing channel partners is not as simple as managing a direct sales force. Last week, the Relayware blog covered the benefits of partner relationship management and partnering automation systems. And today, we’d like to take the opportunity to speak more specifically about the benefits of Relayware.

Relayware reduces the cost of channel management and increases revenue, and everything we offer maps back to these key benefits. We take PRM to the next level by automating channel management, so vendors can focus on boosting their channel sales and not on the process and procedure tasks.

Relayware is an easy-to-use solution that puts the control in your hands. It is a highly configurable solution. When you need to update a business rule or upload new marketing collateral, you can do that quickly and easily on your own time.

Relayware addresses the entire channel partner lifecycle from onboarding to training to collaborating on marketing and sales and finally measuring the success.

From the very beginning when a partner registers on your partner portal, Relayware’s solutions enable you to productively and quickly onboard partners. You can set up a letter to automatically welcome and includes contact information for their assigned channel manager. Also, during this initial period you can work with them on their business plans to align your mutual goals.

Then, after the initial onboarding, you’ll want to help your partners get up and going with training. Relayware’s Training Pack provides SCORM-compliant learning management system (LMS) functionality for partner training and certifications that are equal to stand-alone LMS systems.

Relayware's Marketing Pack makes it easy for your partners to get marketing materials and with our Sales Pack, your partners can register deals at any time. Today’s channel partners are mobile, and vendors have to meet partners wherever they are, which providing tools that are easy to use on any devices. Relayware’s solutions provide practically all of the same functionality a partner has through the partner portal via any mobile device.

Relayware integrates with leading CRM providers, such as Salesforce.com, so you have full visibility of the full pipeline. This ensures that both your CRM system and your PRM have the most recent information, and it facilitates easy and efficient sales collaboration with your intermediaries.

Relayware also integrates with other leading channel-related software, such as Zift Solutions, CCI and ChannelAssist, to name a few.

Our customers find that for all of these and many others, we are helping them increasing their sales revenue as a result of a stronger partner program thanks to Relayware.