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The Democratic Working Environment at Relayware

Recently, I was pondering what makes Relayware’s CORE development team different from others (or even if it is different).

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The Democratic Working Environment at Relayware

By Ryan Letley

Recently, I was pondering what makes Relayware’s CORE development team different from others (or even if it is different). I came up with the following:

Is the Relayware CORE product development environment is democratic or dictatorship?

Relayware’s team is very democratic. We come to decisions as team by each providing input. While there are always authoritative figures, decisions are often made on common consensus based on the facts at hand.

How does this democratic environment improve Relayware products?

As a team we chose not to conform without first considering individual ideas. Our strength in collectivism is a result of what we offer as unique individuals. We orientate ourselves to see the revelation in what others are offering, and as a result the development environment is non-conformist to a single thought pattern.

This democratic approach influences the journey based on the facts and visions at hand as can be seen in our sprint retrospectives, planning meetings and daily stand-ups.

How does Relayware encourage a democratic environment?

Relayware as a company gives and encourages employees to think freely and actively contribute. I quiet like to think of it as an environment where authority and submission work together, but where authority does not diminish team members; it encourages them.

Does a democratic environment mean perfection?

It depends on your definition and timeline for “perfection.” Like a family, constructive conflict is an inevitable. However, it’s how we resolve the conflict and learn from it that determines our future successes. Like a family there are authoritative figures who are awarded the responsibility leadership. On occasions they will need to make judgement calls based on information that the team may not be privy to… and the team has to follow respecting this person’s leadership. But all individual views are considered and also respected.

So, what is perfection?

Perfection is a measurement, and within software testing we measure against the requirements that accompany the definition of “done” -- a subjective state that depends on the iteration, which is also dynamic. What this means is that we don’t always focus on the same aspects to measure “done.”

Striving for perfectionism erodes our most expensive and irreplaceable asset – time. We aim to take a balanced approach and focus on improving customer experiences throughout Relayware’s product range so that we can be proud of our solutions overall.