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The Evolution of Channel Partner Management

Today, channel partners are more sophisticated and have higher expectations. Vendors need better tools to not only manage partners but to engage with partners and drive revenue

Relayware Partner Relationship Management

The Evolution of Channel Partner Management

Partnering is experiencing an enormous shift right now due to a multitude of factors (e.g., cloud services, big data, expectation of info on demand), and vendors today need smarter tools to drive revenue through their channel partners.

Historically, partner relationship management (PRM) only helped a company manage partner relationships through bespoke solutions that were enabled by a partner portal. Then, as a company’s channel program grew, the company added a learning management system, and at different stage the company added an incentivization system for their partners. These cobbled together bits and pieces did not connect in earnest and resulted in a clunky, disjointed partner program that a vendor was laboriously managing.

However, today as channel partners are more sophisticated and have higher expectations, vendors need better tools to not only manage partners but to engage with partners and drive revenue. Vendors need all aspects of their partner program to connect, work automatically and provide deep insights as well as have a great user experience for both the vendor and the partner.

To this end, partnering automation has arrived. It’s not just a new veneer for an old category, but rather partnering automation solutions address the needs of vendors and partners in today’s world. Additionally, partnering automation address business problems in a discreet way.

Regardless of where a vendor is on their partner journey – just starting out or all the way to being a real channel expert – partnering automation solutions focus on core business challenges, such as sales, marketing, communication and training. The solutions simplify, standardize and automate partner process so that a company can grow and scale their business.

So, how is Relayware is addressing the needs of today’s vendors and partners?

We have four Partner Packs -- application bundles that improve channel performance and accelerate revenue growth.

  1. Partner Portal – Drives engagement
  2. Sales Pack – Accelerates partner productivity
  3. Training Pack – Boosts partner performance
  4. Marketing Pack – Increases partner loyalty


Underneath our Partner Packs is the Relayware Partner Cloud, which includes a business rules engine, partner database and content library. By bringing all of this together vendors simplify all partner processes, and with Partner Cloud our customers scale and grow their businesses with a turbo-charged channel program.

We are our customers’ growth engines as their partners grow and blossom.